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Kaye's April Opposites challenge

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  • Kaye's April Opposites challenge

    I have a new challenge for you....yaay

    Ok I want two LO's for this challenge and I think it's going to be very difficulat! In fact I think you should do it more than once, because I would say you will learn from the first one and improve on the second one. But i can't guarantee you will get it right.

    I am not entirelyy happy with the one I have and I want to improve drastically. I would love to show you how I want it to end up properly, but the LO I have seen is on another site and I guess I can't put a link to it in here, but never mind I think you will understand what I mean.

    The first LO is the easy one, I am not sure you know what white space is, but have a look at the 2 examples I have created below

    See the white space, obviously it isn't white, but it is blank space and lot's of it. In each example I have 1 photo, a rose from my garden and in the other a baby, they can be framed, in mine I used a mask for the flower and the baby is extracted, and then minimal elements.

    Ok now look at the next Lo you need to produce, this is the hard one...well I find it hard anyway

    The page is FULL! In my eyes you need to use the right kit for this type of LO, not every kit would have the right type of elements, obviously you can combine kits, I used predominantly one, but used some embies from another one.

    Another thing you need to get right is the shadowing, sharp and very small, you all know how I love to do floaty ones lol, well not in this case it wouldn't look right.

    So happy scrapping and I just can't wait to see how you do on this one.

    And I think this one deserves a special freebie at the end of it because it requires a fair bit of work, not sure what yet but I will come up with something! lol

    This will carry on into next month too to give every one plenty of time.

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    Here is a page for the challenge from me. Hopefully it's right...Never done a LO like this before. Gotta say I kinda like how it turned out.
    I used a kit called Texas from Kimmyann..Thanks my friend. I love it.


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      great page Donna!


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        AHHHH!!! Where is that COWBOY????? He didn't come with the Kit!!!! Great LO Donna!!!

        Dang Donna Skipped the easy and went straight to the Hard!!

        I Don't like white Space!!! It looks Naked Thanks Kaye!! I will have to use control on this one!!
        Last edited by Kimmyann; 04-12-2013, 05:34 PM.


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          Great page Donna, well done. Very nice kit too Kimmy! Wow a challenge and I have only woke up to one lo....knew i'd make you sweat on this one :P


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            Thanks Kaye and Letha.

            As for you Ms Kimmyann...The kit may be your's girl....but the Cowboy is mine so hands off!! Unless that offer of the cold beer on your porch with the sunshine is still on offer. LOL!


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              Sounds Like a Fair Trade hehehehehe

              Here is My White Space Page



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                Here is my Full Page..... not as full as yours, pretty full



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                  What is it with us and CowBoys??? Me want this CowBoy too!!

                  Great challenge Wench and fantastic Pages Ladies!!


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                    WEll done guys!

                    Here is a preview of the reward for this challenge, I will post them out after a few more have completed it.

                    And I tried another "full page as well..still needs work though. I want everything to sit on the page like it belongs there and not make it look like it is just there to fill a gap.

                    I used Moonbeams BG paper from her kit Viola Blue BG 7

                    I used Kapiscraps BG paper from her kit ABC 123 BG 7_1


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                      Great stuff Kaye.. the alphas are really smart and sharp.

                      Kimmyann.. love the pages, the white space is awesome.

                      Can't wait for everyone to join in this challenge.


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                        Wendy, its has to be because Cowboys have a mystery about them... they are considered wild - not to be Tamed .... LOL

                        Great Fonts Kaye!!!

                        Thanks Donna!!!

                        Where is Fonzzy??????? She is usually Johnny on the spot when a New Challenges Happens!!!


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                          Great job ladies.
                          both of these layouts will be difficult for me. I am not good with white space, and not good with super full as I tend to use very busy papers.
                          I will be back!
                          Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                            My white page


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                              Great Job Donna!!

                              Here is another FULL Page.... it don't have alot of Elements, But this one has Pleanty of Words