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Kayes non cooking recipe challenge

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  • Kayes non cooking recipe challenge

    So while we are all waiting in anticipation for 15 LO's for the other challenge lol I thought I would give you a recipe to follow!!

    I want you to make a LO using

    5 x BG papers - Different ones
    2 x frame - can be the same
    22 x flowers - CAN BE REPEATED
    3 x leaves/vines - Used as many times as you want, but at least 3 different ones
    2 x Pieces of string - Different ones
    2 x Hearts - different one
    1 x clock
    2 x ornament of some kind of your choice
    1 x lace ribbon - used twice
    2 x free element of your choice, but not any of the above ones


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    O MY... What a Recipe!!! I will have to wait till this weekend when I have Mucho Time to make sure all the ingredients are gathered up and put together just the right way!!


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      Yes I haven't made one yet either, what a challenge lololol this is a hard one!! i should probably make mine before i actully create the challenge hehe


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        Wow this is going to be a busy page! Do we use any photos?


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          yes sorry 2 photos


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            LOL.... She forgot the photos? With all the ingredients she was throwing together the pictures got left on the counter!!!

            22 flowers?? (she put that in there just for me!!) The flowers can be different ones right, as long as 22 are used???


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              I must admit I did have a giggle when typing 22 flowers, they can be the same flower or 22 different ones


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                Kaye!!! a Devil-ish giggle? Ok.... I will work on it this weekend


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                  despite your love of flowers Kimmy - you can do it
                  Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                    You sure we will get them all on one page??


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                      Would a fish and a baseball count as ornaments?


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                        yes anything you want really


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                          Ok I have mine....was tough getting 22 flowers on here!!

                          I just love thaet moon I have in here

                          So my 2 ornaments was a hanging heart and a spoon

                          AND I managed to find all elements from the sme kit!!, I thought I would have to go searching.

                          I used the bubbly thing on the background and the moon as my 2 extra elements

                          I just realized I put in an extra element lol the bow

                          Oh well if everyone wants to use an extra element they can :-)


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                            Feel free to chase me back to the drawing board...I just threw some stuff together LOL
                            anyone else feel free to express what you want different.

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                              pretty sure you ticked all the boxes sorry you have boys flowers are tough with boys.

                              You cheated with the BG papers though you have 6! lol never mind it's ok I got it wrong too and it was my challenge !!!