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Kayes likes and dislikes challenge

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  • Kayes likes and dislikes challenge

    the top Likes - from 10 scrappers

    1 - Leaves / Vines - 10
    2 - Ribbons / String - 9
    3 - Flowers - 7
    4 - Splotches/scattered BG stuff - 6
    5 - Word art x 6
    6 - Lace - 5
    7 - Frames x 5
    8 - Doodles/swirls x 4
    9 - Clusters x 4

    the top Dislikes - from 10 scrappers

    1 - Cartoony stuff x 5
    2 - Jewels /gems x 4
    3 - Journal tags x 4
    4 - Journaling x 3
    5 - Buttons x3
    6 - Pre shadowed items x 2

    So the results are in!! I must say I am surprised by some of the likes and the dislikes.

    It is no surprise to me that leaves/vines are at the top, however I would have said flowers and I am suprised they are actually 3rd! The rest I am neither surprised nor not surprised.

    As to the dislikes....I am very surprised at journlling being in there, but! cartoony stuff, that is not even something I had considered, I think they look awesome, if done right.

    There are many different varieties of kits, that suit a variety of LO's

    So what are we going to do...this is a challenge that will involve 2 LO's

    I want you to choose 4 things from the likes and 2 things from the dislikes to make a LO, you may use things over and over and different varieties, you can't use anything else in your LO, only 6 items form both lists

    Before you post it, sit back, read the intructions again and check you have done it right

    Second, i want to see a cartoony LO from everyone who chooses to accept the challenge, lets see what we can come up with...I will also take part in the challenge.

    Have at leat 5 cartoony items in the LO

    I know we can make them look good!! If you don't have anything cartoonish, you can always look through google images for png files to download, but I m sure if we go through our kits we will find 5 we can use.

    Ok GO!! lol

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    Kaye!!!!! OMG!!! Knock that Devil off your Shoulder Girlfriend!! I will work on this!!


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      It isn't that hard Kimmy

      here is an example of a cartoony LO...I actually really like it!! the colours help though :-)

      I want you to tell me if you don't like it...In fact I dare you lololol I wont get offended, we all like different things, but I am just curious as to what you all think. I want every one of you to tell me in fact and be honest, as i say I will not get offended!!


      • #4 can use BG papers :-)

        Here is my page for the first part

        I used a cluster
        Word art

        Cartoony item - the hearts

        So it doesn't need to be difficult, I actually used items from the dislike group that I don't mind using.

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          Likes Ribbon, Flowers, Word art, Lace Dislikes Jewel gems Journal Tag


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            My Cartoon page


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              very good Fonzzy

              is that what you meant by crtoon things?

              Not like say my flowers on the cat LO?

              And you never said if you liked it or not lol


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                Great challenge!! I will admit I had cartoony stuff on my dislikes and I didn't mean the stuff you used Kaye. That stuff is more like "drawn embies" or "traditional embies" vs realistic stuff, which is what I like using the best.
                I guess I just prefer the soft edges that you get with realistic embies if that makes sense Also it's easy to interchange the more realistic embies with several kits, whereas when you start with a cartoon kit, you generally have to stick with that one kit. I have MANY in my collection, and use them often
                Fonzzy that is a fantastic extraction! Love the way the child is looking up at the fairies, totally adorable! Really great layouts ladies, I'll be back with both of mine


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                  Here is my cartoony layout, but I couldn't add any more the 3 monkeys without it being cluttered looking, so you will have to count the kid in the tree as the extra 2 monkeys.


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                    I actually kind of like cartoony layouts for childrens layouts. They give it a playful look.


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                      That is too cute! Ya me too.. I'm a HUGE fan of Michelle's stuff, use them all the time She makes awesome cartoon kits. I love them for my kids layouts!


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                        Great Layouts Ladies!!


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                          I like these cartoon fairies. Your cat page is great you have a great knack of putting things together fonzzy


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                            These are the cartoons I don't like


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                              How is this one for cartoony?