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Kaye's Number challenge

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    Letha - great little story and I would be unsure myself. Love strawberries but not so keen on banana's. Great page
    Kind wishes from Carena
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      No 9 Genuine


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        great job ladies...I will pick number 4 but you will have to wait a while for mine...everything pc has been packed moving back to Sydney on Friday. Hopefully I will get a chance this week.


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          Funny pics their Fonzzy lol

          Ok Wendy you have BELIEVE


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            My first thought when I saw believe.....Fairies.


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              This thread is cracking me up!! LOL, too funny! ok Kaye, I'm in.. I pick #3


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       are the winner of the word SENSATIONAL

                Look forward to seeing your LO!


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                  Here's my LO using the word SENSATIONAL
                  What an experience this was!! Incredible! We loved little Bambi with all our heart, but of course we couldn't keep him.


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                    I still can't get over how lucky the kids were to get to experience that! Awesome Kelly - really awesome! layout is great too
                    Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                      Wow! I am all caught up on my challenges woo hoo!
                      I used the same kit I used the last time I used this picture too - I love this pic with this kit. Carena's a Dream comes True! awesome! So this time using the word sincerity.
                      Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                        Lovely sweet LO Tina.

                        I'm struggling with my word, have to come up with something soon.

                        KELLY, now that is SENSATIONAL... A very moving wonderful experience and great photo;s too. What an amazing memory to have. I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing.


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                          Thanks! It was really incredible We keep calling the shelter for updates on him. They were super sweet, my daughter and I both were blubbering messes when we had to give him up. LOL He's doing great though. They've sent us some new pictures as well


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                            Wow Ladies!!! Love them all.

                            How about 4 for me.....


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                              Kelly, that truly was sensational!!! How awesome to get one of them wander into you yard...I'm jealous, on,y thing we get wandering into our yard is drunk people lol, no tears are shed when they leave ;-p

                              Tina what a beautiful LO, I love the way you have the babies big yawn in the BG too

                              Donna lol, can we help in some way??


                              Of little value or importance.
                              (of a person) Concerned only with trifling or unimportant things.

                              trifling - insignificant - petty - negligible

                              sometimes just looking at the dictionary meaning can help us, even though we know what it means.

                              So do you find gardening of little importance, money, TV, a coffee in the morning......

                              Hope that helps in some way.

                              Kimmy where have you been???? thought you had been avoiding this thread lol


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                                WEndy has 4

                                1,6,8,or 10