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kayes Journaling challenge

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  • kayes Journaling challenge

    I know, I know we all don't love journaling!!

    I never loved it, but I have grown to really like it, it adds a dimension to a page....I think so anyway.

    i want you to take normal everyday photos and just write something about it, it doesn't need to be mind boggling sensational journaling, just every day chatter.

    here is an example, I really want you to include a great title and lenghty journalling.

    I don't mind if you copy the style of title I have done, i quite like that kind of block titling work.


    knock ya socks off, create something beautiful for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    well, i just posted a page last night with more journaling than I normally like to do can I just add a title and repost


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      Stunning page Kaye. I really like the Bg and Colours you have used. Perfect for a Winter theme.

      I have posted maye two or three at most pages with journaling. I do write at home but I never include it in my LO's. I have enjoyed using word art lately so I will give this challenge a go.


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        Lovely LOL Kaye I will give it a go fonzzy


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          sure, thats ok Letha!

          Love to see you try Donna, you too Fonzzy, you are ususally a lady with little to say on here lol, I want to see some from you!

          Kimmy, well she always has a lot to say hehe


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              awesome Fonzt great LO

              Im going to share a tip with you all, not sure if you are aware of it at all. but you can change the spacing in between the lines to move things closer together, or further apart.

              What you do is in the journalling box, up the top you can see advanced, then go to line and moving the slider you can change the distance to what you like.

              I have 2 examples below of what I mean the first LO I used the font silent witness, I love this font and I use it a lot, however I don't like how far apart the lines are so I always move them closer as you will see in the next LO

              Have a play and show us befores and afters if you want.


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                I enjoyed this a lot, and another first for me... I never do multi-images. Mainly beause I don't like clutter and because i don't have enough pic's. I actually like how this turned out.
                Thanks for yet another great challenge Kaye. You got us all doing stuff out of our comfort zone.


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                  and it looks brilliant!!! well done, it is not cluttered, even though you have multi images it doesn't look too much, and with just the one element it is all it needed, really good job, I love it.


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                    Thanks Kaye, appreciated.


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                      Love your page Donna! Thanks Kaye for the tip! I will have to try it. My post is coming up tonight. I am at work now. (I just can't stay away from you gals )


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                        Defiantely not cluttered, it is really beautiful!
                        Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                          Thanks to you both.


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                            I'll try to come back with another


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                              Awesome LOs Ladies!!!

                              Kimmy has a lot to say???? hehehehe Always!!!