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Kaye's Technical Challenge

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  • Kaye's Technical Challenge

    Don't let the title scare you!!

    This week we are going to do something which is so handy for scrapping! Yay, it always helps to have some know how with the product we use.

    Have you ever thought, I really wish these frames could line up exactly, or, that i want these all evenly spaced!?

    Well guess what you can do this using scrapbok max, did you know that?? I know some of you do.

    check out the 2 pictures below

    uneven.jpg even.jpg

    So for this challenge, I want you to make a border and line things up perfectly, add that here to show us what you have done, and then finish it off and make a beautiful Layout with it and then put the finished LO here.

    Oh!! did i forget something????

    How do we line things up hehe

    1. insert the first item for your border, then copy and paste it as many times as you want it in the row, I chose both my flowers 8 times.

    2. I chose mine to go vertically on the page, but just use the horizontal tool instead if that is how you want it.

    3. put the first embie at the top where you want it to be and the bottom one where you want it to be, the others just distribute down the page, don't be too meticulous it will be sorted out very soon!

    4. Now highlight them all by dragging the mouse over all of them using the left mouse clicker, then right click, go to align, go to left and click!! wallah, they are all vertically in a nice neat row.

    5. They will still be highlighted so now do the same again, go to align, and distribute vertically.....look at that, is that cool!!

    6. Now you can do the same with any other embies you want on your border.

    I actually group together my straightened row so you don't mess it up (highlight control G)

    If youmess up and press the wrong things and go arrrggghhhhh what have i done, don't panic as you can merely press control Z and it will undo your mistake.

    Ok I hope I have made all that clear!! let me know if I haven't and I will make it clearer lol

    Happy border making!

    Now I will go and make a LO out of my border.

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      SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!Seriously???????? K, that's cool!! I'm off to try it out Thanks for the tip! Hope it's as easy as it sounds


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        yes it is that easy, so glad you have learnt something!!! thats what these challenges are all about, learning and growing and making things easier for us!


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          Lol Kaye!! Good Lesson as always!!


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            Kaye! I've made a pile of borders, this tip is soooo great! Me who loves clusters, can't believe I never knew about this tool! I haven't actually made a LO yet with one of them, lol, having too much fun making borders! Super easy and fun! Yay! Thank you so much


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              Good idea to share this technique with the community. Personally they are features that I often use.
              KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                Here is mine.
                Spring Critters by Sandrine (KapiScrap) included in Pets Creatures and Critters Expansion Pack for Scrapbook MAX!

                First page is where I stacked the flowers and buttons.

                Next My Page


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                  Oh... I forgot to say once I got to making my page I moved my boarder in some and add the other stuff


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                    Looks as though you are all getting the hang of it yay!!

                    Looking good Kimmy
                    Kelly can't wait to see all your borders lol and a page

                    Sandrine has been intrumental in helping me work my way around SBM...however a little secret...I only found out about this feature not that long ago by playing!!


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                      Love it Kimmyann! Beautiful page


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                        Oh how I have missed technical challenges!!! love, love, love it!!! This is great to know! Off to try it!
                        Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                          Here's my page and here's my png border for the takin'



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                            Great challenge Kaye will have to do it after the 24 th off on a cruise around the islands hugs fonzzy


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                              have a great cruise Fonzzy....Kelly awesomely beautiful!
                              Here is my aligning is not a border persae....but the wording down the side of the page sister....Love this tip!
                              Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within