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The Groove Challenge - September 2014 - Hosted By Kimmyann

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    Thanks Kimmyann for all your help and support! Those are gorgeous pages and make me want to do more with shapes, too!

    It's AWESOME that you're helping us all learn new tricks (I'm totally learning on this one, too!). It's one of the things I really love about Scrapbook MAX! is how by playing around with the features and combining them in new ways you can actually create a new process for making designs. So cool!

    Looking forward to your new breakdown of the steps...Great to challenge us all at new things!



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      Kimmyann........don't apologise, as you know I am completely new to this wonderful program and it is right that we should learn all the things it can secretly do by combining bits.

      I was up at 4am this morning trying it out as my brain was whirring round trying to work it out. In the end I had to get up. At 10am I was STILL fiddling about with it. I have had a lovely break at a football match.......thinking about the challenge, and I think I have had a 'lightbulb' moment.....

      Do I get the white page and save it with a .png.....and then I open another page and colour that black and save it as a .png.... And then open a third page and use the newly saved white 'scrap' as my base...... Is that it???

      I have, since my last post, been successful in saving the .png so that is a worry solved.
      I have as well since my post found the 'secret' browse button on the 'scrap' window..... It really helps if I look at things properly!!!

      Thanks Kimmyann for your patience. X x x hugs x x


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        Yeah!!! You Go Girl!! I am so proud of you!!

        I have decided to do a step by step break down to help Our Newer SBM Family Members Learn and be able to follow a long and complete this challenge.

        Once you have you white and black paper made, you can do so many things, as far as making shapes!

        I have patience, Stellanne. I Teach SAFETY classes to MEN every week!!! **Kimmyann is chuckling**


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          Here is a Map for making a Paper Once you make your black paper, do the same process and make a white paper.

          Note: You can make you own Background papers using this same process the difference- instead of 4 w x 4 h you just change it to 12 w x 12 h.

          I will be back with the next step soon!


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            Steps to make a new shape.... I hope this Helps Ya'll to understand, it is really easier than it LOOKS!!.

            Next Will be Using Shape
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              Using your Shape steps



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                Here is a Page Made with my New Shape. I used Sandrine's Color Me Fall Kits.



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                  this didn't work so will try again to get my page on
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                    hugs x x x x


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                      Awesome page Stella! Thank you for the instructions Kimmyann.


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                        Awesome Stellane!
                        KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                          And this was done without looking at the instructions!!! Thank you Kimmyann you are a STAR.
                          x x x x


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                            I am Smiling from Ear to Ear right Now!! I am so Proud of you Stellanne!! Great Job and Awesome Pages!! Love the Babies!!

                            Once you go through the steps its not Hard, Hugh?

                            I'm so Excited!! Who's Next?


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                              Here is the shape I made doing the Tutorial for making shapes.

                              Remember everyone With SBM2 you can invert your shape and have a different look

                              Newer Members. Click on the attachment let it open big, then right click and save as to your shapes folder. I forgot to use my Initials when I named it so you would know where you got it.

                              Attached Files


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                                Here is another thing using Eraser tool

                                And Here is a Page using the shape/mask I made. I used Sandrine's Sandy Shore Part 1 and Part 2