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Challenge Oct 1, 2006

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    Had a great time with this one,thanksJulie.
    Here;s this weeks


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      I couldn't resist

      I couldn't resist doing another challenge - it's amazing how different they look as you change the elements!

      Here it is:



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        here's another trick: group all the elements and rotate right or left - then ungroup and start double clicking again! viola! a whole new layout!!!

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          Hula Hooping

          This was lot's of fun. Easy in some ways and chalenging in others.

          Here's my Lo

          The submissions for this are just great, so many good ideas.

          My Buddies - pkdoll, Marion and CraftyScraps



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            here we go!
            was so funny and so easy create it! so as maggie mae i can t resist and i working in another one!
            thanks julie !


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              You can find my entry here.

              This was an interesting challenge with some interesting challenges.
              If I slip and fall please get a hold of crops2dawn or OnieRN to pick me back up!


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                Julieh... What a wonderful challenge. I really enjoyed this one, though it was a little more work. Thank you for doing this. Not only are we having fun, we are learning so much. And may I say that everyone has done a superb job!!!! It's wonderful to see every one's los.



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                  can someone explain how I join in, I have downloaded the template, when I opened it said that there was an error in loading png and to choose another?
                  also it says that I didnt have a particular font.. when I double click on the different things how do I get the paper to go where it is suppose to be
                  sorry I know Im a dunda head but I want to join in
                  Thanks Donna


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                    As far as the font goes - Your computer has certain fonts loaded on to it - most likely not the same ones that mine has - so you simply have to use a different font of your choice.

                    Here's how to get things in there that you want:

                    Double Click the element (whether it is the photo or whatever) and then click "CHANGE PICTURE" - Then, navigate to where you have your things stored on your computer.

                    For example, if the photo you want to use is in your documents, go there and find the thumbnail of the image.

                    As far as replacing the "generic" images with your own, the process is the same.

                    Double Click the element and click the "CHANGE PICTURE" button - It will open up a new screen and then you will click on the "GALLERY" icon to get to the SBM embellishments etc or if you have things stored in other locations on your computer, click "MY COMPUTER" and then navigate to the folder where you have stored your personal elements!

                    Did this help? Let me know!

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                      Hi JUlie
                      thanks that helped lots, now Im off to have a go thank you for your help


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                        Here's my entry

                        This is the first time ever for me to do anything like this. It was really fun!
                        Let's do it again sometime!



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                          Week 5 Challenge

                          Wow what fun..all thats posted are great..
                          heres my entry for the challenge
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                            Here's my entry.


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                              ok,finally have an entry,we visited the Sydney Wildlife World today.


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                                Template challenge

                                Hi Julie, thank you so much for the template, it is wonderful. I thought it was going to be a breeze then 6+ hours later I am finished.
                                Thanks again for the fun challenge. I really enjoyed it : >


                                Leslie Emery