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2016 Seasonal Siggy Challenge

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  • 2016 Seasonal Siggy Challenge

    Hello All You Scrap Book Maxers!!

    I am going to have a 4 Season Challenges this Year. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. I understand that some of you are in a different Season than Us in the United States. So you do which ever season you are going into as I post the Challenges.

    So Right now we are in Winter here;

    1st Challenge is:

    Make you a siggy to be added to your signature when you post on the forum - Theme Winter. Use Winter items, snowflakes, snowballs, snow clothes, winter colors, winter flowers with ice, etc..... I know you get the picture of what I am asking. hehehe!!

    Here are some tips to help when making a siggy in SBM.

    Page setting for siggy - I used Custom setting 2" wide by 1" Height to get this size:

    When publishing here is how I do it:
    On the tab for your siggy page,
    I right click and save image as - Custom - JPG - 100 - 300 width - 150 height

    Next big question is, how to get my siggy into my signature.
    Some people use photobucket to upload their picture then get the image link.
    I personally use its the same thing without all the ads.

    Here is how I do it.
    I upload the saved image from above to and then I select the Direct link and click copy to clipboard.

    Now go back to SMB settings, click signature and then click insert picture (little picture frame) when that box open click and paste the link. Preview... you should see your siggy

    Save and close.

    Please also publish in SBM as normal and post your siggy page in gallery so we can all leave you some Love in the comments and you can give credits to the designers for the items you used.

    Make a Post in this thread and show us your Awesome Creation!!

    This Challenge last until Spring, so Come on and Join in!

    Can't wait to see what you make!!

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    You are a mind reader Kimmyann. I have been thinking about changing my signature but couldn't remember how I did it in the first place. Thanks for the reminder x x x hugs x x x


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      well I did it....... but cant get it into the gallery as it said it was too small....... but I feel I have achieved just getting it this far!!! x x x hugs x x x


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        Great Job Stella!! I will Leave you some Love here!! Love it!! You Did Great!!

        This challenge was to show everyone how to change numbers in the page setting to make things the size you need them and how to put a siggy in the signature!!

        (Note: To get it into gallery, you must republish as normal and change the Width and Height to larger numbers)


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          Thanks Kimmyann. It is a good challenge x x x. Hugs x x x


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            LOL We all are on the same page! I was thinking that I needed to change my Cover photo on my Memories By Letha Facebook page which is actually my siggy from one of the challenges here. Hopefully I will get around to doing it soon.


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              Yeah!!! Great Minds Think Alike


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                Its Time for a Spring Siggy

                Here is the one I did for Spring:


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                  That's FAB Kimmyann. X x x. Hugs x x x


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                    Thanks Stella!! Yours is Great too!!


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                      Beautiful siggy!
                      KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                        Thanks Sandrine!!


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                          Pretty siggy Kimmyann!


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                            Thanks Diane!!


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                              Thought I had already posted this here. Here's my spring siggy