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Mining for Gold - Exact position, size and rotation.

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  • Mining for Gold - Exact position, size and rotation.


    I have had Scrapbook Max! since early in version 1. Life takes me down many paths so I was away from any kind of scrapbooking for about 4 years. Returning is wonderful but I feel like I'm all new and unknowing again. Since, digging back through old forum posts is fun to me, off I went. . . . and there is so much gold there!

    Please join me as I share fun stuff from 'back in the day.' These may be a re-do of a previous challenge, a challenge I made up from several old posts or what I call playing. Explain playing? Um, how about trying my first offering? By the end, you will have had a look at what I call playing.

    No, this month won't end in a beautiful layout. Sorry. But if you didn't know the following tricks, you will be amazed. Promise!

    tip: I am a fan of recipe scrap challenges and a mystery nut

    Step 1: Left click the attachment below. Right click on the pop up and save.

    I made this stamp (my first time). A round stamp would work even better if you have one.

    Step 2: Move the file to where you can find it when adding an embellishment in SBM.

    Step 3: Open or make a new page. Size 8x8

    Step 4: Bring in the stamp from step 1. Leave the shadow off. (To bring in an embellishment you can click the flower and select it OR you can click and drag the stamp from desktop or an open system folder. NOTE - the drag and drop adds it to SBM as a photo.)

    Step 5: Place the stamp in the upper right corner of your page.

    Step 6: Make 3 copies of the stamp. You can leave them all stacked or spread them around the first one a little bit.

    Step 7: Select one copy of the stamp.

    Step 8: Hit P on the keyboard. For X type in 315 and 1200 for Y.

    Step 9: Hit A and type in 90

    Step 10: Select another copy of the stamp.
    Hit P and type in: X 1700 and Y 1200
    Hit A and enter 187

    (Note: If you rotated something by hand and loved it, you can select it and hit A. You will see exactly what it is rotated to. You could then rotate anything else to that exact angle if you wanted)

    Step 11: Select another copy of the stamp.
    Add the shadow ON - key step (double click stamp, click shadow box)
    Type S and enter 600. (leave aspect box checked)
    What happened to your shadow?

    (NOTE: I found this fun, most likely unintentional side effect by accident. Looks like a neat feature to me, lol. You can resize the stamp, change rotation, etc and it will stay jumped back like that.

    Step 12: Move the shadow to X 955 Y 113 and angle -62

    Step 13: Select last stamp.
    P: X 800 Y 1100
    A -62
    S 600 (leave aspect box checked)
    Turn the shadow on.

    note to self, always remember to leave drop shadow off if using the size tool. And yes, I know I will forget, lol.

    Step 14: Post and let us know you played along. Kudos if you can turn it into something more by adding background and such. I will post my layout in a few weeks just so later miners will get to see what this ends up looking like.


    Want to play more?
    - make a new page sized Letter - Tall and make a new page sized Letter - Wide
    Redo all the above steps for each page - look at how this might work if you were adding that stamp to every last page of every book you ever made using the S, P and A tools. Unless all your books are the same size . . .

    -chose several of your favorite embies and play with the shadow on or off and Size

    I love playing!

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    The second step makes my stamp go off the page? If your using 8 x8 page are you using inches or pixels?


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      Ack - I had an 8 inch x 8 inch page to start and yes, it will go off the page on some paper sizes. I meant to point out that - so sorry. It is something to think about if you have many different layout sizes and want to put something in every book at the same spot. (Like a stamp/tag that you made it or X date)

      Thank you!
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        O Ok Thanks!!


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          Here is 4 examples of the steps - one is the 8x8. There is a letter tall, a letter wide and a 12x12 LO.

          8x8.jpgletter wide.jpgletter tall.jpg12x12.jpg


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            Thank you Mylinnofeq for a reminder of this wonderful feature of Scrapbook Max software.