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April 2016 Dingbat/Shape Challenge

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  • April 2016 Dingbat/Shape Challenge

    Have you ever asked yourself, why are there dingbats in my font folder? What would I use that for?

    Well, Due to my shape obsession, I found I could use the SBM Title tool and make shapes using my dingbats in the font folder.

    The challenge this month will be make a shape using one or several dingbats. Then make a page with your new shape(s).

    Remember: White will be your shape and black will be your transparent in SBM.

    Here is a link to full instructions for making your own shapes.
    Instead of using a shape you will use the Title tool and find a dingbat. You can also install more dingbats from free font sites like dafont.

    Can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

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    Hi Kimmyann......I am having a real problem following those instructions...... Yet I know I have made these shapes before so not sure why it is defeating me!!
    X x x x hugs x x x


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      Thank you for the tutorial Kimmy!! When I have some time I will read through it and try to make a shape from a dingbat font.


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        Originally posted by SBM Diane View Post
        Thank you for the tutorial Kimmy!! When I have some time I will read through it and try to make a shape from a dingbat font.
        Oh now I feel really rubbish..... Lol x x x xhugs x x x


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          LOL.... You'll get it Stella!! Just remember instead of using a Shape from shape folder, you will use a dingbat from font folder by clicking on the Title tool and making the dingbat bigger

          I am making you go through the shape building motions again


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            Here is my page made using dingbats for shapes. Below my page I will give more direction so you can try this challenge. The Dolphin and sea shells were dingbats, I turned into shapes

            These instructions are just to make your shape:
            First I opened a Blank page and made it 6 x 6 size,
            Next I set the background color to BLACK.
            Next click on Caption Text (T in tool bar) Find the dingbat you want to use. (Freebies are out there too) - Set Text color to White (white part will be your shape) Size it as large as you can with the black background)
            Click on the page tab and "Save As Image" - Name and browse to your shape folder size - JPG - 100 - 600 x 600 ok
            Congrats!!! You now have completed using a dingbat to make a new shape to play with.

            Now on your Layout page you will choose a picture or background paper through insert picture tab, apply your shape by clicking Custom Shape, browse for your new shape adjust to fit and click ok......
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              Beautiful layout Kimmy!! Thank you for reposting the instructions in the previous thread. It is very easy to follow. I was not aware that you could make dingbat fonts into shapes in Scrapbook Max. Thank you for hosting this challenge!!


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                I used my dingbat font shape as a background accent. For my first layout I inserted the photo, and the second layout I used paper to fill the font shape.

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                  Yea!!!!! Awesome Pages Diane!!! Us Shape Fanatics Try all kinds of things to make shapes to "doll" up our stuff

                  Glad the break down helped you out. I have used Dingbats to make page edges be more fancy also (I think I shared some) Hint hint ....... incase someone is struggling for ideas - I just copied and pasted then used the alignment tools on the edge to make the frilly edges.... Link to shared page:

                  The Sky is the limit


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                    Thank you Kimmy!! We will have to do more challenges with creating shapes in Scrapbook Max. I need practice with this.


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                      Okay, since we were going back to basics and doing our own shapes with dingbats, I decided to use only original paperscraps and such that came with the program too. Love the brick effect as if the paper is being torn off over the brick!
                      The arrows, snowflakes and ribbon were all made with dingbat shapes. The ribbon is actually my boys written over and over to make those shape effects. I changed the color of my shapes to red.....
                      Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                        Awesome Page!! Great Use of Dingbats!!