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Groove Newsletter Contest February 2007: Valentine Romance (FREEBIES HERE!)

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    Hi - you are right, the "shape-3" tags that come with SBM (in the category "Tag Town") are similar to those in the February Freebie, but they do have variations in color, pattern and texture.

    (Just making sure - are you clicking on the category called "The Groove February 2007" under "Embellishments" (see image attached)?)

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    The Groove Avatar made with embellishments found in our various Expansion Packs for Scrapbook MAX! 2.0


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      Yup! I'm with ya. Read the thread. Good idea to show the thumbnail.

      I was just expecting tags to show up in the tags folder so I got confused when I saw them here.

      Thanks for explaining.


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        Sisters Love

        Originally posted by The Groove View Post
        GREAT QUESTION, Gotart!

        As with all of The Groove's contests, we are open to your creative interpretations of our contest themes! After all, creativity is what scrapbooking is all about!

        Though we might first think of "romantic love" when it comes to Valentine's Day, of course that is not the only type of love out there!!! Feel free to post layouts that celebrate the special bond you have with friends, family...let the creative scrapping begin!

        The Groove
        Thanks, I did do a Sisters page that I have been wanting to do for a longtime. Both my sisters have passed & this is a Valentine for my nieces, nephews & my Mother...I enjoy these contests... TLT
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          Your sisters page is beautiful! way to go!


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            Whispers of Love (layout by knzus)

            My Valentine's layout:


            Sorry it shows twice in the gallery...I was putting it into the contest, and then wanted it in my family album. *sigh* Hope no one thinks I was trying to take over with one page, LOL!

            Be good to your favorite designer (I used to be one!) by LETTING THEM KNOW how much you appreciate their work!


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              Congratulations to Donna, Lisa & Lor for winning the Pets contest,they were beautiful L/O's & you should all be very proud,well done!
              hugs Karyn.


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                ...Here's my entry for Feb contest..about my twin sister, Debbie!! WE are like night and day in our personalities so I did this in black and white. Don't have that many pictures of her these are old pictures...Thanks to the individual who gave us this valentine kit..but it isn't marked with givers
                Wanted to honor my sister for the HE-- she went through with my seriously gambling addicted Uncle who tried to do my Aunt harm with his need for money for his HUGE debts. VERY SAD..and he was such a liar and cheat..WHAT A NIGHTMARE to find all of these things out about him to help my sister battle him in court for custody. We WON against all odds..It was a MIRACLE how we found things out..She spent her hard earned money to fight him. I spent 1500 hours studying the legal end of things and researching his debts.
                I finally learned to walk with her instead of trying to get her to walk beside me!! SO many stories to tell of her lonliness growing up!! I was the outgoing one. Lots of friends and she kept her nose in a book or in front of the TV. Not me..OUT, OUT , OUt..and about!!
                She never learned to love herself and her HUGE heart!! She is easily misread!
                My Uncle lost so much..dying suddenly at 59 of a heart attack only 3 months after my Aunt passed. She was well cared for by my sister for the last five years of her life!! He failed to make amends for his many wrong doings and smeared my sisters name falsely. But she isn't alone. We walked it together and overcame much and will continue that way!! She wouldn't quit when I wanted to desperately for what it was doing to the whole family! She
                taught me how to love her best!



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                  Here is my entry:



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                    Here's a little something not posted elsewhere..I'd love to see everyone remember to put their Feb Contest link here and say some more of their LOVE stories. Found couldn't say much at the gallery description.

                    Newbies: Simply RIGHT click the image you want and SAVE TARGET AS and designate these to go to your SHAPES folder under SBM >GALLERY>IMAGES>SHAPES.. I needed the square one to do my sisters page. Love the look of inverting and frames like this.. These are grayscale images you use when you use your PAPER SCRAPS and PICTURES..CUSTOM SHAPE to what you want. Easy to make them!! Have a tutorial under embellishments if you want to learn how to make them...


                    I love the templates that I have seen so far!! The challenges and contests are teaching me a lot!! ENJOY!!
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                      These are GREAT, AutisticWonder! I can't wait to try them. Thanks!


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                        I Love your face

                        I know it is Valentines but I had to do this double layout of 2 of my Grandkids. I have always loved these pics & didn't know what to do with them.. This is my daughter's daughter & my son's son & are they are 6 weeks apart. They are such characters together and still are today at 4. Everyone always asks if they are twins when they are together... I can't say more about LOVE than Loving Grandchildren... TLT





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                          My Valentines


                          Here's my Valentine Entry. I wanted to use a spontaneous family pic from the last year since my kids enjoy the holiday as much as we do.

                          They all give me so much joy. I tried a new circle mat technique to showcase a lot of papers without it looking cluttered. I had fun. Thanks for looking!


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                            My Entry- Valentines Contest

                            Here are my entries for the contest.
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                            Best Scrapbboking Wishes!
                            Crystal: aka inspiredmommie


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                              My valentines layout:

                              Not a contest entry so much as an example of Scrapbook MAX!'s ability to create a visually stunning layout in about a minute. Besides, can i really enter the contest? There's gotta be rules against that ...

                              Template: 'Heart two Heart'
                              Picture: From a wedding, Nov 2005.



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                                Great LO Desmond.. but no..I dont think you can enter..I think it woud be what they call..conflict of interests LOL..but you can do more pages and post them in the gallery..we would love to see them...SBM is the greatest...
                                My Buddy's Are Crops2dawn, Sue, Eye, Eng, Smiley, Kimbob, PKDoll and Autistic Wonder

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