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Weekly Challenge 2

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  • Poppabob

    great page ...ive sent you the link xx

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    • Oh i love that page its so nice. grate.
      I agree if I was the judge i could not choose because everyone did a grate job.And I may have to scrap lift more than 1 idea.
      I have been trying to do more pages of my self. its hard but contest like this helps.

      buddies are- angelwithin


      • Congratulations to everyone

        Originally posted by angelwithin View Post
        The winners of this weeks challenge is .............

        all of you

        the standard was so high and each page was so wonderful i decided you all win

        the prize this week is a unique kit that only the participants in this challenge will recieve,(image attached so you can see what you are getting) i will pm all you the link to download so check your pm's

        well done everyone
        Fiona, you are correct when you say that everyone did a great job, this was alot of fun.

        We may all be winners, but you took on the weekly challenge to encourage our creativity, thus you are our inspiration. Thank you for that. And thank you for the kit. It is beautiful. ~Kelly
        Kelly ~Mom's Corner


        • Ditto, what Kelly said!


          • Weekly Chalange 2

            Sorry for inconvenience did fix the messege problem, wasn't even aware of it. Thank you this is a beautiful and unique kit.
            Wolvsie, Eye, Tiffany scraps and Smile are my buddies.:cool


            • I will second what Momscorners just said... Thanks Fiona!!! Looking forward to see what tomorrow will bring... nothing can be as bad as this week! LOL
              I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments... I really have this self confidence problem... I know I shouldnt but I do. have had it all my life and it isnt going to change now. LOL But all your comments have really helped especially since I felt like a jerk... now I just feel less of a jerk... lol
              Doll... all I am going to say to you.... pay back is a commin' hahaha

              To all of you!!! These layouts were really good. I'm glad everyone won!!!

              My Buddies: Jazz, Smile, Sue, Eng and Eye "CHILLS", Poppabob, PKdoll, Onie, Pickngrin


              • Originally posted by angelwithin View Post

                great page ...ive sent you the link xx
                Thanks Fiona, I didn't expect anything but thanks for the kit and your time.
                If I slip and fall please get a hold of crops2dawn or OnieRN to pick me back up!


                • OMG!!! Thank you Fiona! I was sooooo dreading the voting on this. Everyone did such an awesome job!!! You are so considerate and caring of everyone's creative attempts. I just have to say thank you for starting a weekly challenge like this and it is so awesome to see the faces and creativity of the peeps that are regularly posting in these forums. I loved seeing what everyone would come up with on their self portrait LO's and I loved every one of them!!!

                  My Buddies are Marion, Kimbob, Jazziel (RIP), Wolvsie35, Crops2dawn, Makeyesup, Kazr, Moonfairy, Moonlightpearl, and scrappyaggie48


                  • I'm following in Poppabobs footsteps. I know I have missed the deadline but shhhhh ...... Fiona sent me the link by accident so thought I'd be good, load up a LO and then ask if its ok to download.

                    See me being very good. ... ooops a little big, sorry.

                    Sue xx

                    sigpic Makeyesup and Marion are my Buddies

                    Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


                    • Woooohoooo I am a winner! Woooohoooo we all are winners!!!!

                      I agree all the pages are just wonderful and it was fun to see all our cute mugs in these pages and learn a little about each other. We have such a varied and talented bunch in this forum. I am amazed each time of the creativity every one shows.

                      Thanks Fiona, you are the best!!!!!


                      • Good we are all winners congrats to all of you, i feel like crying though i downloaded the link only to find out it want work as i got photospark and not sbm so it can't read the file.
                        Heihei sad i am it is such a beautiful kit and unique so enjoy all of you.
                        Wolvsie, Eye, Tiffany scraps and Smile are my buddies.:cool


                        • Wow Fiona...Was so busy that I never came in here to see we all win...Congrats to everyone, and thanks for the cool kit...
                          I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


                          • Woohoo! ditto of Marion's comment. Was away for the weekend. Had a blast! Glad everyone won you all deserved it. TY Fiona the kit is so sweet you truely are an inspiration!

                            aka Crystal Jozlin- CJozzy- Crystal's Creations


                            • omg, i just got on (have a husband home for a couple of days, very rare) so haven't been on. Thank you am going to down load kit in a minute. Congrats to everyone!!!!!

                              My buddies are Angelwithin, omajo, babylicious36, all my memories. and Angle