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Weekly Challenge 15

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  • Weekly Challenge 15

    This weeks challenge is:


    it would be nice for us all to see what you see when you look out of your windows (plus how easy will this be to get a photo of lol)


    1) Scrap a page using photo's taken from your window(s) or outside your home

    2) You MUST use a freebie from our embellishment or template section on site

    3) post gallery link or page in this post

    4) Credit the maker of the freebies

    5) all pages to be in by Sunday 10th February

    Happy Scrapping

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    WOW Fiona this one sounds so much funny! cant wait to take some pictures!
    Thank you!!!
    Sacannon, Granny, Marion, Eye, OnieRN, *Eng*,Rosana,Angelwithin, Jamiept son mis amigas!!!!!


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      Here's the view from the window by my computer. Used Grannywin's stone wall from the freebies section and Granny's Wild West kit in the digital store (links in the gallery).

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        Oh that verse takes me back! I used to watch that show. (showing age again) LOL. Love the layout and that horse is beautiful and I love how they are staring at each other. So cute.


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          What an adorable picture, Hope! What a great way to lead off this challenge. The two are having a wonderful conversation. My stone wall looks better at your house than at mine.


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            Nice job !


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              Fiona, who idea brilliant girl! I loved this
              I go to make well fast!


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                Hope that is gorgeous!! I am afraid to take a picture of something outside my window-some of you guys have such awesome beautiful scenery outside your house. Hmmmm! Will have to try and make some time for this one.

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                  my, participation challenge, my widown ""

                  Thanks for the idea Fiona, as it knows I live in apartment, I do not have pretty things to show ok to them, here they are some moments of my window !
                  The used kit they are of authorship of FST_ Olivia_ Dreanms_ Template that is of the madame FIONA, thanks



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                    Very nice Lo's so far Rosanna and Hope...Very pretty...I will get started on this first thing in the morning...
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                      Hopefully they don't have to be current pictures.

                      This was last spring. Can't wait until this spring. Very tired of ice and cold. Jonquills are a freebie from Corey. I love the Journal which was a freebie from FST <sorry, I couldn't find the list of initials with designer names> to look you up. The frilly frames are from Donna Thomas.

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                        I almost missed this thread! Well here is my challenge layout. Not a view from my window, but the view from my back door. All the items are from MaryAnn's (MA3) kit "Winter Memories".


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                          Love all of these so far!


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                            Here is my entry for the weekly challenge. I used a paper from the kit Baby it's cold outside (I tinted the color) and the overlay from Believe in yourself. The window frames are mine.

                            I live in the city and have a postage stamp size yard, but this is my view from my kitchen window. I took the one picture on Monday but didn't get to doing the layout that day. Then it rained the next day and melted the snow. So I took another picture and used both of them.


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                              WOW I love these LO's. Very clever with the Monday, Tuesday LO.

                              And I always love the work of Mary Ann <MA3>. She is so talented. I did a search and couldn't find that one.
                              My buddy is GrannyWin.
                              My sister, my friend, Laurie016. My daughter, mortonmomof2.