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On Printing - 200DPI or 300DPI?

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  • On Printing - 200DPI or 300DPI?

    On Printing -Should I create pages at 200DPI or 300DPI?

    While some printing services recommend printing out scrapbooking pages that are 300 DPI, our research has shown there to be rigorous scientific debate on the subject, and that many argue that there is an imperceptible difference when using 200 DPI.

    Much scientific research has been done on the subject, and it is further supported by anecdotal evidence from digital scrapbookers printing at both 200DPI and 300DPI and comparing results. According to some research, a standard of 300 DPI may result in unnecessarily large file sizes for little, if any, perceptible difference in quality.

    Here are a few quotes coming out of this debate for your information, as well as links to the full articles for your further reading:

    "Customers are asking for solid answers and as they read information and come to understand PPI issues they are making their own conclusions. Many are experimenting with print quality and finding the original 300-PPI standard isn’t necessarily “the best choice” they were always told it was. They are discovering 200-PPI is just as good and has benefits that are worth considering."

    - Digital Scrapbook Design Professionals

    "...So I thought ’seeing is believing’, why not do my own test and and prove it to myself. I selected one of my layouts and resized it to 8×8 for printing on my HP B1000 Inkjet Printer and printed it at a resolution of 300 dpi. Then I changed the resolution to 200 dpi and printed another copy on the same quality paper at the same ‘best’ print setting... The text on the 200 dpi print out was clearer than on the 300 dpi print out! And the quality of the graphics in the layout appeared identical."

    - from Scraps of Mind Daily Scrapbooking Magazine

    This article also contains helpful links to other articles on related subjects.

    At the end of the day, the choice is yours - you can choose to create pages at 200 or 300 DPI in Scrapbook MAX! for printing.

    The best way to determine if you are satisfied with printing results at a particular resolution is to print a test page or order a test printed product before arranging to do a large print job or submit a large order for printed products.
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