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How to Use Scrapbook MAX! as a Photo Editor

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  • How to Use Scrapbook MAX! as a Photo Editor

    In my digital camera & photography classes, I position SBM as the perfect tool for snapshooters who want to quickly and easily enhance and print a few photos without the hassles of a full blown photo editing program. In fact, I sell more SBM to photographers than to scrapbookers, go figure.

    Today, a lady sent me an email asking how to enhance and print just one photo instead of a photo embedded in a scrapbook page. Well, I look at this stuff so much that, at first, it seemed like a dumb question until I realized that what's intuitive to me isn't always obvious to right-brained people so I wrote up the following tutorial. If it's useful, great. If this has already been tutorialized (I'm just learning English ), sorry. If it's downright dumb, I'll go away and pout.

    Sometimes, you just want to quickly fix up a single photo or even a bunch of photos but as individual photos and not as a scrapbook page. Am I making sense so far? Here's how you can use SBM in place of Photoshop Elements or PSP or UPI or whatever.

    Open Scrapbook Max! and start a new scrapbook with a blank background. Go to Page, Settings, Size and type in the size and resolution of the photo you want, e.g. 4 inches by 6 inches and 200 pixels per inch. 300 ppi is the max needed for good photos and most 4x6 or 5x7 will print perfectly at 200 ppi.

    Next go to Object, Photo and navigate to the photo you want. Now's a good time to crop the photo to the size you want by going to Effects, Crop. Because most consumer digital cameras produce images that aren't 3x2, e.g. 6"x4", 12"x8" (the same ratio as a 35mm film frame), you'll have to do the cropping "by guess and by golly". (Hint to SBM: It would nice to have a crop tool that accepts exact dimensions!). Not to worry if the photo is a bit too large, most printers have a "scale" setting in the printer dialog box that makes everything fit.

    Grab the resizing handles on the corners of the photo and drag to fill the page you created earlier. You can then go to Effects and Sharpen or Adjust Color as desired. When you're done, you can print by going to File, Print. If you want to have the photo printed at Costco or WalMart, you can save it as a jpg file by going to Publish To, Images.

    Bottom line, you're creating a scrapbook page of the size photo you want to print and adding a new page for every photo. When you're done, you'll have a scrapbook of 4"x6" (or whatever size you select) pages and each page will have one photo on it.

    Clear as mud? If you have any questions, ask Desmond or Corey or someone who knows what they're talking about. As always, all errors of omission or commission are the fault of Granny, Steve and/or Moonbeam.
    Lee Otsubo
    The Digital Photo Guy

    30,000+ Satisfied Students since 2001

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    Thanks for the tutorial Lee! I'm sure lots of people will enjoy learning from it.
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!