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How do I make my own templates?

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  • How do I make my own templates?

    How can I make scrapbook templates of my own?

    Making your own templates (also known as "themes") that will show up when you go to create a new project or add a new page is easy. Simply follow these steps:
    1. Make a scrapbook as you normally would in Scrapbook MAX!
    2. When you are happy with it, select File > Export Template... from the program's menu bar.
    3. You will see a window that has the title "Export Template"
    4. Enter a unique, descriptive name for your theme
    5. If you don't want your personal photos put into the theme, make sure to check the "Remove photos" checkbox
    6. Check the box labelled "Optimize embellishment sizes" if you want to create the smallest file size templates. This is a good idea if you plan to share your template with other people.
    7. Click OK
    Now the new theme will show up when you start a new scrapbook in the list of available scrapbook themes. Also, each individual page in the theme will show up when you go to add a new page to a scrapbook.

    • Choose a good name for your template. Use something specific like "Snowy Christmas" or "Sue's Baby Boy Theme" rather than something like "My Theme".
    • Choose good names for each page. The name of the page will come into play when you go to add a new page to your scrapbook. You can rename a page in your scrapbook by selecting the page and then choosing Page > Rename from the program's menu bar.
    • If you decide to make a change to the theme later, just follow the instructions above but make sure to use the EXACT same name for the theme. This will allow you to overwrite the old version of the theme with a new one.
    • To learn how to share your themes with others, read this: How do I share my scrapbook themes with others?
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