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Can I use Scrapbook MAX! on a Mac?

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  • Can I use Scrapbook MAX! on a Mac?

    Can Scrapbook MAX! be used on a Mac computer?

    Scrapbook MAX! is only available for use with Windows. If you have one of the newer "Intel" based Mac computers, you can use Scrapbook MAX! on your Mac, but you'll first need to install a product called Parallels Desktop for Mac. This lets you run Windows on your Macintosh! Once you have Parellels running on your Mac, Scrapbook MAX! works quite well in our tests.

    Keep in mind, that no matter how you run Scrapbook MAX!, you can easily share the scrapbooks that you create on your Windows computer with friends that have a Mac (or any other computer like Linux etc.).

    To publish your scrapbooks for viewing on Mac computers:
    • Email - Select File > Email... from the menu bar and email the scrapbook pictures.
    • Video CD - Select File > Publish To > Video CD... from the menu bar. Video CDs should be viewable on Mac systems with appropriate viewing software.
    • Photo CD - Select File > Publish To > Photo CD... from the menu bar. Mac users will be able to browse your Photo CD.
    • Movie - Select File > Publish To > Movie... from the menu bar. Send your movie right to a Mac user or post it on the Internet for anyone to see.
    • Images - Select File > Publish To > Images... from the menu bar. The JPEG images that are created will be viewable on Mac.
    • PDF - Select File > Publish To > PDF... from the menu bar. PDF files are viewable from any computer that has Acrobat Reader installed.
    • HTML - Select File > Publish To > HTML... from the menu bar. Upload the HTML pages to your Web site for anyone with Web access to see.
    • Online Gallery - Publish to image files (select File > Publish To > Images... from the menu bar) and then upload them to the Scrapbook MAX! Member Gallery:
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!