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Hello from Arizona!!

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  • Hello from Arizona!!

    Hi!! Im jessica, mom of three..... I am not new to scrapbooking but am new to digital scrapping.... I can not believe Im just learning about this!!! ;0) Anyways, I am sooo excited to play with this... it has already been soo much easier.... my fav is not having a mess to clean up after and its soo fast and convienent... I can do it when the baby is napping and get way more done this way!! Woo hoo!!! Can you tell Im excited about it!!?? lol....

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    I've seen some of your layouts and you're really doing well! Isn't digi fun? I just started digi at the end of May and I'm hooked! Now - what to do with all my paper supplies?!

    We are going to be in Arizona for the winter and I'm so excited! Love the sunshine!


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      Welcome Jessica!
      What you're saying about the no mess no fuss fun of this program is probably the most common thing newbies tell us! And guess what, I'm not so new to this, and I still appreciate the no mess part! It's so much easier to start a digi album knowing that you can actually see the end in sight. It's just so easy to make smaller little 3-5 page albums. You don't have to worry about filling up a great big binder.

      Anyway, I know you'll fit right in. Keep scrappin'!


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        Thank you guys!!! I love it!! I am addicted!!! Thanks maggie mae for your;0) And Marnie, I am soooo excited to learn to make the templates and such... there are some wonderfully talented people here!!! It's awesome!!!


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          Hi Jess,

          I've been away for a while (Granny finally decided to have me committed to the asylum...)

          Anyway, welcome from a fellow Arizona native... Enjoy and have fun. And don't be afraid to ask questions!
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            Oh, my word.... They let him out!!!

            Jessica, honey, don't worry about a thing.. Oh, yeah, welcome to the forum. Now, where was I.... Ah, yeah, that nut! We'll have him behind bars in no time at all. Unless of course, he presents us with a peace offering?

            Enjoy yourself, Jess...


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