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  • hello everyone

    Hi there,
    this is mini moonbeam , and to those of you who know moonbeam, yes we are related, that's my mum!
    I caught the scrapbookin bug about two years ago, but got a severe case of it 12 months ago and have been unable to stop.
    I am not digital yet, well I use a digital camera and photoshop my own photos then I print the photos but havent done digital layouts. I find the whole cutting and pasting so therapeautic, its like being at kindergarten. I can see myself starting to combine digital layouts and paper real soon.

    mini moonbeam

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    Welcome mini moonbeam
    We all admire your Mum so much, she is a beautiful person who is extremely gifted,& are thrilled to have you here as well, what a team you could make
    I agree,doing the cutting & pasting of traditional scrapbooking etc is very therapeautic & seeing something grow from nothing is a thrill,but digital is so fast & the results can be stunning
    Hope you get as much fun & enjoyment out of SBM as we do & look foward to seeing some of your templates :0


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      AAAWWW! this is so nice to have my daughter here ... but listen guys <whisper so she can't hear> wouldn't you think she'd pick a name like sunshine or something that shines brighter than a Moonbeam.... Does that tell you something? LOL
      Better not pick on her she might not come back!!!!
      Seriously Mini Moonbeam fantastic to see you here on the SM Forum... seeing it is you i have to thank for getting me into Scrapping I hope you love it here too. I know the team here will make you...welcome ( and give you a hard time)


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        Welcome Mini Moonbeam

        Sure are among the goofy group here and your mom is right at the top of the list. LOL You will love it here. I totally agree with the others, your mom is a talented scrapper. We look for her new creations all the time. Looking forward to seeing your work too. Again, welcome and have fun.

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          Hi Mini-Moonbeam!

          So nice to have you with us. It's amazing how much we all feel like we know your mum, so you already feel like family.

          I did paper scrapping for a while and understand how you get drawn into it. I love the cutting, gluing, and even coloring! But the reality was that I never get to do it anymore because I just don't have the space, and the cleanup is a bit frustrating.

          But you're right, combining the 2 passions makes so much sense!

          Happy scrapping!


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            Mini Moonbeam.... Mini Moonbeam..... Hehehhehheeehhehe!!!!

            I feel it coming..... Yes, it's almost here.... Hehehhheehehhe...

            Welcome kid! It's.... it's..... wonderful to have you here!

            And Moonbeam at the top of the list... Hehehheehhe!!!!


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