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  • Hello from Colorado!

    Hello everyone! I'm a newbie here! My name is Michelle and I'm a mother to a beautiful 17 month old little girl named Mikayla. I have a wonderful husband, David. I was born and raised in Indiana and so was my husband. He graduated from college and we moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where we've been for the last 2 years. We've been dating for 6 years and married for a little over a year. I enjoy singing, doing karaoke, digital scrapbooking, Paint Shop Pro, graphics, and watching movies. I can't wait to get to know some of you ladies! I'm looking forward to seeing you around the boards
    ~*~Michelle Lee Carter~*~
    ~*~SAHM to Mikayla~*~
    ~*~Wife to David~*~

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    Helloooooo. Glad to have you here in the forum! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your pages.
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      Mikayla's such a beautiful name.

      How do you like Colorado? My sister went there once on a pilgrimage of sorts, and she really liked it (although I don't think she was expecting the heat you guys get there...she ended up getting heatstroke).

      Are you watching American Idol? I'm rooting for Taylor -- I would buy his album tomorrow if I could...just a brilliantly "real" singer I think. Although I think Ace Young's performance last night was the best. He totally surprised me.
      Lorne ( )
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        My sister's name is 'Mikayla' . . . or rather 'Michaela', but i'd presume they are pronounced the same.


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          Hi, Michelle!

          Welcome! Looking forward to seeing some of your pages and projects!

          Speaking of karaoke, any particular "genre" that you specialize in? I've only ever sung "New York, New York" at a karaoke party, but I've always wanted try it again...

          Anyway, since you're interested in music, I bet you'll enjoy adding music files to your Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooks!

          Looking forward to hearing from you again,


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            Show tunes myself

            Hi there Michelle,
            I tend to gravitate toward 'show tunes' myself...... not that you'd want to hear me Anyway, looking forward to seeing some of your pages!