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I love Scrapbook Max!!

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  • I love Scrapbook Max!!

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first attempt at digital scrapbooking. I've spent thousands of dollars and have been scrapping for years (by hand) until I discovered ScrapBook Max. Now I don't want to scrap by hand. I have a couple of questions if anyone can help:

    1) Will add on packs be available soon? I would love some new templates. I love the freebies on this forum but I like that the built in templates have several different pages to them.

    2) Is there another site to find embellishments? For instance, I was looking for easter-related things but I couldn't find fluffy looking rabbits or real looking easter eggs. I have the epacker but am having a hard time finding embellishments to convert.

    3) I recently invested in a 12 x 12 borderless scrapbook printer (Epson R1800) and I love it, but I find that one page eats up 1/3 of an ink cartridge. Does anyone else print theirs out and do you find the same thing or is there an adjustment I can make for my printer?

    Sorry for all of the questions but I am just so thrilled and am ready to do some heavy-duty digital scrapping with this program.

    Renee' Carpenter
    [email protected]
    Renee' Thompson

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    Hello Renee'

    There are a few scrappers on here that use the 12 x 12 printers, but I think most that want 12 x 12 upload them to sites that can print them. I do 8 x 8 pages, so I can print on my regular printer.

    The freebie templates are good for ideas to help jumpstart your scrapbook page. You are correct that most only have one page, but with the basic theme and some extra embellishments, you can create as many pages as you need. There are many sites that offer freebie embellishments and most will work in SBM.

    Good lick and welcome aboard.


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      Hi Renee' Welcome....


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        Greetings, Renee'.

        Far from needing templates, someone with your experience in hardcopy scrapping will be teaching the rest of us thing or three in no time at all.
        -- Robyn --


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          There will be a lot of content being made available in the coming weeks and months. For now, check out the free Templates and Embellishments forums. Remember also that one of the best things about Scrapbook MAX! is that it can work with digikits that you get for free or pay for from other digital scrapbooking sites and designers.
          Brett Kapilik
          Indigo Rose Corporation


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            Thanks for the warm welcome and the answers

            This is a great forum to match a great program. Thanks for the input from everyone.
            Renee' Thompson