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    I just received my Scrapbook Max digital scrapbooking software and installed it and am nervously going to give it a whirl. The biggest question I have so far is - How do you use different pages from different themes to create 1 album? Ex. I wanted to use a page from the Halloween theme and 1 page from the Autumn theme, et cetera.. but I am not sure how to open different themes and save to 1 album without overwriting. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Knit......... Welcome to the forum!!!!

    1) Have your name legally changed to something easier!!!

    2)Then, on the tool bar above the work area, go to Page, Import. That will give you a list on the left side of the page of all the projects you have in the computer. Click the one you want, and it will show you each page for that particular project on the right side of the page. Pick the page you want and import it. Then repeat the steps with the next project you want to import a page from.

    3) Send me a check for the help.

    4) Ignore all the crazies around here and have a blast!!!

    5) We're delighted to have you!


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      Thanks so much for all of your help.. I'm a knitter primarily - so the folks over at Ravelry really understand my name. I will definitely give digital scrapbooking a whirl.


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        Hi knit one pearl one err....something like that...of fair isle girl hehe....seriously welcome and have fun. Love your name, Granny does too really, she's teasing you
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          Hey, knitpurl...welcome...I tried to knit....once....a long time ago.....happy to have others knit for me now! LOL...Granny gives good advice (at least #2 in her list is good!) It's a little hard to ignore all the crazies, though, since most of us are....crazy that is. Oh...and her last is great! We definitely are delighted to have you!
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            Welcome! Have fun and just play around with all the papers and embellishments and in no time you will be addicted like the rest of us (only some of us actually need therapy for it though). I also tried knitting once (and I do mean once) I have the 2 inch scarf to prove it.

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              Thanks for all of your welcomes..if it's anything like knitting, I'll be addicted in no time. If this forum is full of crazies, I'll fit right in. I started papercrafting several years ago (and have every do-dad to prove it) but then haven't picked it up in over a year and a half due to all of the stress that was happening in my life. I picked up knitting as a way to help my Asperger's Syndrome son with his anxiety. In the process, I found that it relieved my anxiety and stress. I became so addicted. I love any craft and especially anything where I can physically feel the projects. That's why I was so drawn to papercrafting - the textures and creativity. But now my time is really limited and I would LOVE to start paper crafting again, but have decided to start with digiscrapping first. Since I am completely wet behind the ears - I'm sure I'll have a bazillion questions.

              BTW- those of you who are entertaining the thought of learning to knit - there are some FABULOUS websites with video tutorials. If you visit my knitting blog, you will see a list of fave sites. I've noted which sites have online lessons and/or video tutorials. You'll also see my pathetic first attempt at digiscrapping with the trial version of Scrapbook Max. (So sad.)
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