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Bluejeangranny needs assistance

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  • Bluejeangranny needs assistance

    Hi all;
    My name is Bluejeangranny and I am very very green trying to use this site. I am a very senior citizen going on 70, but I feel 25. My children are grown and I am retired and have time for some fun. I would like it to be computer scrapbooking. I love what I know about Scrapbook Max but am having a hard time getting more templets than the ones that first came with the package. Right now I want to work on a wedding album for my grandaughter, who had a very very simple wedding, but the clips provided do not include wedding stuff. Would someone out there be willing to baby step me through the process of obtainin new clips to use or at least point me in the right direction. Thank you all in advance.

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    Another Granny!!!!


    You are in for a treat! Welcome to Scrapbook Max. You will quickly realize that people in the forum are always willing to help you along the way.

    As for wedding embellishments, I know there are some on here. My advise to you is to go to the templete and embellishment sections of this Community. You can go back to about February and start downloading embellishments and templetes. You will find plenty to keep you busy.

    In the meantime, never be afraid to ask for assistance. This community is a great group and they enjoy sharing their knowledge.


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      Oh, YEA! Let's hear it for Grannies...... hehehe...... welcome aboard Bluejeangranny! You'll find lots of wonderful templates around here..... as Onie says, just browse through those sections of the forum...... when you find one you'd like to use, just click on the link to download it...... I stayed busy for days snagging great templates..... LOL
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