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  • Another newbie!


    I just downloaded the trial version of this software last night. I have only made two pages, but I really like it so far. I am not new to digital scrapbooking. I used to use Microsoft PIP but since I've upgraded to XP, my old software is not supported. I accidentally found Scrapbook MAX while surfing the net for new software.

    I look forward to learning more from everyone. Oh, how long did it take for your CD to arrive in the states after you purchased the software?


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    Welcome! Within the USA, it only takes about a week for your Scrapbook MAX! CD-ROM to come in the mail. Thanks for your support!
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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      Hi Deb and welcome to the forum. Hope you have lots of fun!
      Love Bee


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        Hi luv2scrap!

        I am also a former Microsoft PIP user.....were you as bummed as I was when it didn't work with the new version of XP??? But, I guess then I never would have found Scrapbook Max, and I'm loving it!

        Have fun exploring the software and figuring out all that you can do! You'll be zooming around within the workspace in no time, there are so many quick keys for most of the functions you use most of the time. Once you figure them out you can design a page in no time.


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          Hi, I am new here and was wondering if someone could help me with two things. How do I edit/correct the name I want to use since I made a mistake when I typed it - I want MystyB, not MyStyB? Also, does anyone know how to make your own original avatar?


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            Hey! Welcome I'm a newbie too. I've been using the trial software too. (waiting for payday--hehe) But everyone here is very helpful and so creative! Hope ya have lots of fun!!



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              Welcome Deb and Megan..... I'm actually pretty new around here myself.... You'll find lots of help and creative ideas around here.... this is a very friendly bunch of extremely talented scrappers!!! Make yourselves at home, download a whole bunch of the extras this group has created and shared with us..... you're gonna love SBM!
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                [QUOTE=kristyc1994]Hi luv2scrap!

                I am also a former Microsoft PIP user.....were you as bummed as I was when it didn't work with the new version of XP??? But, I guess then I never would have found Scrapbook Max, and I'm loving it!

                Yes, I was totally bummed!! I knew my way around that program pretty good and used it for everything. But I do like the features of SBM, they're similar to PIP, and SBM has realisting looking embellishments. I do miss the fade/soften edges feature though. I think I may get Adobe PSE too. Seems like everyone makes great stuff with that program although I've heard the learning curve is high. Any thoughts anyone??


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                  Yes, I miss those features, too! The feature I think I miss the most is putting color into the custom edges....I can imitate it with this program by putting a paper scrap with the same edges slightly bigger right behind it, but it's a lot more work!

                  Adobe PSE is a great program, and YES it does take a bit to learn. There are some tutorials posted around this site for PSE, but I haven't looked at them yet. PSE is on my other computer and I want to buy an upgraded version for the new comptuer, so I haven't been using it much lately. I have MUCH to learn on PSE past photo enhancing....that's for sure!

                  Have you tried the new version of Microsoft Digital Image Suite?? I downloaded their 60 day trial, and their imaging capabilities are pretty good. I was hoping it would have some of the same features as the old PIP, but it doesn't really - it's basically for optimizing photos and categorizing for storage. When the 60 day trial runs out, a bare-bones version stays on your computer indefinitely, and I've still been using that for brightness/contrast, color fixing, exposure fixing, etc. Can't beat it for free!

                  Have fun - and if you have any questions, post them - you will get answers so fast from many of the awesome members here!

                  Good luck!


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                    I was looking at the Digital Image Suite but was leaning more towards either Adobe PSE or Paint Shop Pro X. I've heard some people don't like PSP since Corel took it over but then some complain about Adobe too. I guess it's just a matter of personal preference.

                    I just ordered the full version of SBM today so it will be fun to print pages without the trial watermark on them! Also, looking forward to learning from everyone here!


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                      Hey MystyB - looks like you figured out how to change your name. As for making an avatar, why not use Scrapbook MAX!

                      Read this thread for some handy how-to tips!



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                        Thanks Karin for the help!


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                          No problem! Looking to seeing that new avatar...