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  • Howdy from Texas

    I have been looking at websites to get me started on making a scrapbook for my daughters 13th birthday,( I have 1 month to finish it )the whole theme will be more or less a memory book of her & her dad ( who passed away 3 days before her 10 b-day).
    I felt there was no possibe way that I was going to get it done, as havent had much look at other sites or the few programs I had tried. Now just hours after downloading Scrapbook Max I feel its possible to finish in time. The program is easy to understand & use. Thank you for such a great program.
    Now the fun starts, trying to find everything I need. I know I will be addicted to this in a very short time.
    Thanks again,

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    Welcome from El Paso

    Hello Darla, Yes this is the best program on the market. We're all addicted to it around here! You will be amazed at how much support and encouragement that you will receive from the group here. Please do not hesitate to ask for any assistance. If there is anything that your looking for, please let us know. It seems that someone will always have what your looking for around here............ if not, we have some very creative people who will create it for you!

    I admire your desire to put the memory book together. I would recommend that you start off by going to the sharing corner of the Embellishments and Templetes. Start downloading everything you find. Templetes will automatically install into the program templetes.

    As for the embellishments, Create folders and label them in common catagories (buttons, sports, ribbons & bows, holidays, flowers, hearts, food, boys, girls, etc etc) As you download your goodies, organize them into the folders. It will make life easier. I saved my folders on the desktop.

    You will find your own methods along the way. And lastly, we will all be anxious to see your work.

    Welcome to the forum.


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      Hi Darla..... looking forward to seeing you around and getting to know you..... please be sure to share your work with us in the Gallery.....
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        Hope the project goes well for you and I'm sure everyone will answer any questions you may have.
        GOOD LUCK & look forward to seeing the finished product.