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    Hello.. I am a newbie... I have 5 grandkids and a great husband. I have been scrapbooking for a little while and want to get into the ditigal scrapbooking. I have and love the SBM 2 but have a few questions. If I buy a kit and it says 8 X 8, if I buy it can I use it on 12 X 12 pages? All my Scrapbooks are 12 X 12. Also, I already bought a few kits ( Olivia's dream Booster Pack) when I downloaded it, the whole kit went into embellishments, background, everything. Also I downloaded Cinnamon claret and that whole kit went into my documents on my computer, not into SBM. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
    I also want to say I love the pages displayed and I am hoping I will be able to put some great pages together.... Thanks