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  • help??

    Hi, not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I'm completely new to scrapbooking. I've never done a scrapbook let alone a digital one. I just joined scrapbook max this week. If anyone has any tips to get me started, please drop me a line!!
    I also don't know who to use this site. I've been looking at some of the posts and I can't figure out how to reply or comment on anyone's messages. Nor can I seem to download of the 'freebies'.
    Looking for any advise you may have.

    Kelly from the laurentians, Quebec.

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    Hi and welcome.

    To reply in forum threads - at the bottom there is a button called POST REPLY - just click on there and type message. You will need to be logged in to do so.
    Freebies - many here are only compatable with Scrapbook Max program - so you will need that for many of them. There are others that are compatable for other programs also.

    Again - welcome - can't wait to see some layouts in the gallery - a wonderful way to learn and explore - be sure to check out the challenges also. Hugs
    Kind wishes from Carena
    Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
    Visit me in the store Here also grab my blinkie if you wish.


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      little late

      Hi Carena,
      Thanks for your tips! I just noticed now that I had a reply. I totally don't know how to use this site yet.. I'm never sure if I'm replying to the correct 'thread'. I'm sure I'll catch on eventually. I am having fun with the pictures though. I just did my first challenge. I think I posted it to the right place.
      Thanks again.


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        Welcome Kelly, This is Greatest Group of People and So Willing to Help.......There are Alot of Threads in the Forum that will teach you tricks, of how SBM works, But Remember when all Else Fails Ask!!!!

        Just a LIL advice.......Coffee!!!! It will help with the SBM Fever, you are about to catch!!!!......LOL

        Your First Challenge LO Looks Great!!!!! Great Job!!!


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          Tips for new LO

          Thanks KimmyAnn. I love your LO's. How do you start? I always have an idea of what picture(s) I want to work with, but I find I'm always moving them off to the side along with my embellishments because I end up putting more on top and then I have to click on the first photo or embellishment and bring to front again - I'm wasting time doing it this way, but I don't really know how to start. Any tips on how to get started on a new LO?


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            LOL!!! No Idea on how to tell you how to start, I sometimes will have a page finished, but still don't like something about it, so I change BGs, or rearrange till I get it the way I feel it looks best.

            I Replyed to your question about moving stuff to front or back, Check it out.

            Look through this Thread, Donna (Autisticwonder) had a Challenge "Tips / Tricks or Treats" Alot of Good Info in this Tread and A lot Treats, (Stuff People Made) (If you see something in a Posting you would like to have click on it once it opens Right click and Save as, to a file or if they made a file, click on the link and save where your putting all your Goodies)



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              fantastic, Thanks!


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                So you know.....that Thread Has 37 pages (Each page has about 10 messages)


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                  There's tons of helpful ideas on there! Thanks again. And thanks for the tip on grouping objects! This is a HUGE time saver


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                    Hi. I'm with Kelly. I totally don't know how to use the threads etc. I love this site. I love using all the templates etc. Thanks so much. Hope I will catch on soom.
                    Is there a step by step tutorial for using the threads?
                    Grandma Carol


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                      I must apologise for posting this here but I'm going around in circles trying to find out how to deregister actually. I joined this wonderful site some time ago and never did get around to participating as I'd originally hoped. Can someone please advise the correct procedure for me to deregister. I'm currently being prohibited from starting a New Topic in FAQ's nor can I send a PM. Hence my reason for popping in here out of necessity.

                      Pauline Black


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                        Hi Pauline, I think if you send a message to the administrator they should be able to help you.
                        Good luck.