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Hi to all you talented people, Wow, what lovely work...

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  • Hi to all you talented people, Wow, what lovely work...

    Hi My name is Coco and I am very new to Scrapbooking. But I can
    safely say that I am in LOVE, with this process. I have started 5
    Scrapbooks for my 5 Foster Angels. I am going to put a few
    pages in by Christmas and then continue to add. My daughter
    Britt is having a great time with Scrapbooking too, you can say
    that we are hooked on Scrapbooking. I have been looking at all
    the work you all do and I am amazed at the talent here, wow,
    beautiful work everyone of you. Hope to meet everyone and
    learn from your experience. Angel hugs, Coco

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    Welcome, Coco--you will find this forum layed back and very very helpful. Feel free to join in the challenges they have here--it is a great way to learn and use your scrapbooking skills. Glad that you and your daughter have joined. I am curious as to what are foster angels--just the name sounds very beautiful.


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      Thanks for your kind welcome...

      Hi Dillie: Thanks for writing to me. I have 5 Foster kids, Britt, Vern & John are brother, Nicky and Daniel. I call them my Foster Angels because they
      are children that have suffered terrible abuse, and they are Angels to me;
      eventhough, they make me want to pull my hairs out, hahahaha.
      Angel hugs, Coco


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        Bless you for taking the Angels into your life--you truly are special. Welcome again to the forum and look forward to seeing your layouts.


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          Hey Coco, welcome... as Dillie well said, the people are here are GREAT, I m not all that new to scrapbooking but started a couple of months ago here...and I'm amazed and have received priceless help, plus freebies all around

          I almost went into fostering myself, I have one daughter (she is very mine, this one LOL) and when she was 10 (now almost 14) we came across a family of latin kids who had just gone into the system, victims of terrible abuse....
          we did not qualify as we dpon't have extra bedrooms, the system here (the UK) wont allow kids (even if siblings) in the same room, or in the same room with your own kids...funny thing is, they ended up all split up and in the hands of people who were fostering because of the money...
          sad really, but that's society these days unfortunately, we get the good, the bad and the ugly...

          I have a huge respect for foster parents, great work you are doing
          Look forward to seeing what you come up with

          Do not hesitate to ask if you need anything, we are here to help
          I wanted to go out and change the world, but couldn't find a babysitter..

          I came and they follow: my sisters are Scrapaholicsherry & akela- My wonderful & talented friends are dillie1-eye-kimmyann-lemonade6363-sylvia esther & wolvsie35


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            Hi MrsPeel

            Boohoo for that system... Here in the USA you need to have adequate space,
            but as long as girls bunk with girls and boys bunk with boys that is all you.
            I once had 4 boys in one room, I had two sets of bunk beds and the space in
            between the beds was adequate. It is a shame am sure that they pass you up. Ultimately is the children that loose out... Well you tried, maybe in the future you can try again...

            Thanks for welcoming me and for saying that you will help when the need arises. Angel hugs, Coco


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              God Bless you CocoAnglel. You're a STAR...!!!


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                Welcome Coco....This program ROCKS!!! as you will hear many say...My scrapbooking motto is:
                We take pictures today....To make memories for tomorrow...
                I admire you for what you are doing...You are an Angel as well...<wink>
                There are so many here that will help out..So don't ever hesitate to ask...
                I hope to see you in some of my challenges...((HUGS))
                I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                  Hi to all you talented people Wow what lovely work

                  Id like to thank all the members who take the time and make this site one of the best I visit. You all post some of the best movies, tv shows, and anime around. Thank you for all your hard work and keep it going through 2010. Thanks again.


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                    Welcome Coco, you will soon feel this is also your family,Scrapbook Max has the friendliest people & it is the easiest scrapbook program on the market & the most addictive,have fun & look forward to seeing your layouts in the near future
                    hugs Karyn.


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                      Welcome aboard special lady - it is a wonderful scrappin family which is blessed to have special ladies who are always willing to help in any way. hugs xo
                      My Buddies are: Angelwithin, O2BNGdhope, Moonlight Pearl, Marion, , pkdoll, Smile, Eye, Oceania