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  • Updating 2.0

    For some reason, I cannot get the update to work. I keep getting the message that I need to close Scrapbook Max 2.0 and retry. I have done this several times and still cannot get it to update.

    Thanks for your help.

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    It is the weekend. I hope someone techy can help you tomorrow!


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      When you get that message, it means Scrapbook MAX! is still running in the background. The updater can't update the files because they're currently in use.

      (This is usually the case when you do Help > Check for Update from within Scrapbook MAX!. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal.)

      Just switch to Scrapbook MAX! and close it down (exit the program). If you have more than once copy running, close down every copy.

      Then switch back to the update window and click "Retry," and it will automatically patch Scrapbook MAX! up to the latest version.
      Lorne ( )
      Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer