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    Hi Everyone!
    I have always been in to scrapbooking but have found little time since my three year old was born. So now I feel the pressure to get those pictures out of my computer and out of the drawer in my home office. My best friend-- without kids or a husband-- calls digital scrapping cheatiung but I told her stuff it (with a hug). I love this software and have already created several pages. I am so excited to get started. I just wish there was a way to import all of the free images that I found on line into the Scrapbook Max gallery so that I would not have to drag them over from another folder.

    Any suggestions on techniques for saving time and being efficient suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Take care,

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    Hi there, welcome to SBM. If you go to the section of the forum that is for sharing, that relates to embellishments, you will see the top entry is 'everything you need to know about booster packs'. In that thread there is a small program that can be downloaded to your computer, which once installed allows you to put jpg files (papers, scraps) and png files ( embellishments) into a booster pack that once completed will download into your sbm program so you can access it from you sbm program tool bar via the embellish and paper scrap and back ground tabs. hopes this helps. I personally find it easier to have a section on my external drive, that is solely for SBM, I organize files into types, e.g. florals, wildlife, ribbons n lace, papers, scraps etc. this way I go from the embellies tab for instance, then just click browse and find the folder I need. This has been a good way for me to also break up those embellishments/papers, that I have created and those that I have downloaded or purchased from non-sbm sites. Keep your TOU's as well as part of your purchase in most cases is that you give credits... It is important to follow the TOU's cos this way the designers will still give some freebies to the scrapping community as a way to advertise their kits/templates, if we dont give credit where it is due, they will stop giving us freebies etc. ... Anyway, bottom line, you need to work out what works best for you... but the booster prog from sbm is really good and works really well. One word of advice though is that you make sure you put papers in both backgrounds and paper scraps section, makes it easier acess from the program once the booster kit is installed. hope this helps, or that I have explained it properly.
    All the best from Nanny Bernie.
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      Welcome to the forum. I do the drag and drop so I will not be much help with how to file things in MAX itself. Hope you have fun here.