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Happy Birthday to Me-- and I'm new here...

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  • Happy Birthday to Me-- and I'm new here...

    Hi Everyone,

    I purchased SM for my birthday--- yes a little something for me from me! I did the trial thing for almost a week and fell in love. Our home doesn't have room for all of my "ventures" (weaving, sewing, scrapbooking) and my home office. I had just about given up on scrapbooking ever again (it was just too much work to get everything out, scrap and then put it all back). But then, my daughter introduced me to digital scrapping last week! She has a Mac so I couldn't use the same brand software she uses. I went on a re-search and found SM. The rest is history! I fell in love, as I stated above. There were a few things that really "sold" me on the product: A. The Community. No, I'm not just being nice. I found that other scrap software might have a newsletter or a blog even, but nothing that created the kind of community that I see here. B. The Trial version. To me, scrapping software is like underwear-- you just don't know how well it's going to fit until you've got it on! I have not experienced one glitch, one stall, one crash and I've created over 30 pages this past week. C. The ease of use. I love that it uses the regular tools, point and click, drag and drop, and files that most photo software uses. It's easy, I don't have to stress over it, and there wasn't a 6 month learning curve. D. The folks at SM seem to encourage their users to create and share! I am sure that I will be buying many Expansion packs, from both here and many of your sites. Freebies are nice, though! Now that I've purchased SM, I'm loving all of the extras!
    I know that this will be an investment that my family will be blessed by for many years to come. I've already emailed many of the pages to my daughters, and they love them.
    If you have a friend or family member and they can't make up their mind about SM, maybe my post will help just a bit!

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    I agree - you couldn't have picked a better birthday present. Everything you said in your post is right on. Looking forward to seeing your layouts, and welcome to the family.

    My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


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      Welcome, glad to here someone else shares our addiction.


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        Welcome to Our Family, Can't wait to See Your Layouts!!!! And Everything you Said is 100% True!!! I have Never had a Program so Easy to Learn and Expand!!!!!


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          Welcome and happy birthay!
          Be Happy