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  • Jumpin in to digital scrapbooking

    Hello Everyone

    Iím a new kid on the digital scrapbooking block. Not one to stand back and start out easy I have jumped in with both feet and am all the way up to my neck My very first project is a cookbook for my children. All the recipes have been created and printed out on 4X6 photo paper. They will then be added to various colour pages and the end result laminated and spiral bound to create a totally wipe able cookbook. The digital scrapbooking part is to create various pages for the section headings and for tips, tricks, inspirational quotes, family birthday pages.... I want to be sure they all remember my birthday , special celebration dinner ideas and some remember when pages along with any other things that I can think of. Each of my children will be getting a unique and personalized cookbook. Wow am I ever glad I stopped at 4 children! Special THANKS to nannybernie, wolvsie, bluevelvet and sylvia ester for the beautiful templates that you have created. They were a huge help in getting me started. One question I have is.... each piece on the template is movable so how do I combine pieces from several different templates into a creation of my own?
    Any help would be fantastic. Any ideas of pages that can be added would be fantastic too. Back to my project.
    Happy Scrapping to you all

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    Hi, Welcome aboard.

    As far as using different pieces on movable templates I would open the template in the album I am using and copy and paste the pieces as needed to the page I am working on. I hope that helps you out.

    Good luck with your project, sounds like a fun one and BIG.


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      Copy and paste to new page.Good luck sounds like a super project.

      My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole