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  • Good Morning!

    [ My Name Is Genny,

    I'm new and eager to learn how to learn scrapboking, I have never done any sort of scrapbooking before now and I think that I will find it very interesting. I will certainly enjoy to look at all of your accomplishments and share some ideas . I live in Canada the land of the Maple leaf , I speak French ,Italian and English , I love quilting,cooking,baking, music,art , nature,animals and many other things .

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    Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions, just ask, everyone here is very helpful.

    Happy Scrapping.


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      Welcome Genny!!! Jump in and Scrap Till You Drop!!!! Everyone Here will help you, so If you have Questions Ask!!!! Can't wait to see your Layouts!!!

      Most Important Thing is "HAVE FUN"!!!!

      The SBM Family is Great and Very Talented!!!!


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        Hello ,
        Thank you for the welcoming and for the offer to help me out , I have a little favour to ask you , can you please tell me on to up load my scrapbook to show you what I have done so far, I'm new and not an expert at this ,any help given to me would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you ,


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          Once you make a Page, Click File, Publish to, Images, Save it as web/email.

          Go to Gallery, click upload, next use the drop box to select Member gallery, Browse, My Documents, ScrapbookMax2, Published, find you file, double click images, next fill in blanks on upload page, click upload, next page process, there you go!!!!

          Sounds like alot but its not...... Hope this helps


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            Welcome to the forum Genny. I'm from Canada as well - in the laurentians of Quebec.
            Everyone on here is super helpful so don't be shy to ask away!! Looking forward to your LO's


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              Thank you very much for the help Kimmyann, I will give it a try.


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                Thank you for your very thoughtful words Kelly, I definetely will be asking for help right this moment , I need to know when I print the pages do I need to use special paper like card paper?

                Hugs from Ontario , Canada
                Last edited by Genny; 03-13-2010, 01:12 PM. Reason: need permission forposting photos


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                  no, it's a personal choice though. Get both and try them at home. I personally like the cardstock better.The photo paper (with my printer) comes out too dark and sometimes splotchy. The colors just don't seem to come out the same as they do on the cardstock. But there are a lot of members on here that use photopaper. My sister in law uses photo paper and hers come out nice - so it's a personal choice and also depends on your printer. Costco and Walmart can do them as well but I haven't tried that route yet. I've been printing on 8x10 cardstock and trim the edges.
                  Good luck


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                    I have an hp printer and mine does better with the photo paper.


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                      Hello ksd_24_f
                      just read your reply to Genny. I had not thought of using card stock instead of photopaper. On occasion what I see on the screen is not what is printing. For most times I am happy with my results, but it is good to have an option. Thank you for the tip


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                        that's exactly what was happening to me too Huia. The LO's looked fantastic on screen, but dark and colors were not right once printed. Since I switched over to cardstock, they come out beautifully. And once you put them into the shiny see through folder of your album, it looks just like it was printed on photo paper.
                        Good luck.