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  • Howdy Yall... Need help

    Sending a big Texas howdy. I'm new to this Digital Scrapbooking thing. So glad I found Scrapbook Max , this program makes it so easy. Thanks Scrapbook Max. I am having a little trouble making an invitation , I got everything layed out the way I want it But when I print it out some of the page is cut off when I print lets say a 3.5 x 2 in size. What am I doing wrong ? What setting do I need to make it so I can print the whole project ?
    Thanks for any help you can give...

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    Hi, and welcome to the max forum.

    I do not know the answer on your printing. Have you published the work and print it that way or are you printing directly from max. Most of the time when I print it comes out pretty close to my settings either way. Maybe someone more techy can help soon.


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      Hi, my only suggestion is are you sure your invitation isn't beyond the boundaries of the white wall? I made a page that looked great, but it was oversized just a tad on the left side and it cropped off the print. Check to make sure you are not past the white wall. Just a suggesion. Good luck.
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        Thanks Yall , I'm saving my work to my computer then printing from my HP printer. I've stayed within the white boundaries. I've been playing around with it , trying to come up with something. I'm down to it only taking a little of the wording out of it. My last try I had almost everything the way I wanted it then the program crashed on me. When I try to go back into Scrapbook Max to the page I was working on and it will crash. I won't give up , LOL Anyway , Thanks Ladys