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I am NEW to this forum, PLEASE READ, please!!!

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  • I am NEW to this forum, PLEASE READ, please!!!

    As I posted on my information page, I am a Vietnamese, came to America during the "1975" evacuation. Mother of four and grandmother of 4. I have been paper scrapbooking for awhile, and have billions of supplies for that. Switch over to digital scrapbooking, I did a few but using scrpbooking program. Had Adobe photo somthing ten or so years ago, and I was very happy. Did a lot of edditing and really happy with it. Then, cumouter changed, program changed, I bought Photo shop Element 4 combination. Wasn't able to work with much because I am not omputer gig like a lot of you folks. The PSE 7 came out, it worse, because harder to work with. Took local college class, wasted money because didn't get much out of it.

    Then I had been very sick for a while and it was pretty close!!!. Anyway, I bought ScrapbookMax one and two. I can use them fine. Mu problem is the pages are:
    [1] I can't adjust so they either 8x110, 4x4, 6x6 or 8x8, to have pages print out right.
    (2) If I purchase anything from ScrapbookMax, I have no problem to downlaoad and have them add in the program. But, when it came to getting other prucducts out there that I really liked to have. I bought them, downloaded, and tried and tried to somehow get them into the ScrapbookMax, it didn't work. Even when I used the Unzipped, and listed to ScrapbookMax, it didn't work either. I tried "Simply download and save elements you've found to a folder that you have
    designated for your scrapping items. Next open up Scrapbook MAX!. Then open
    up the folder where you have saved your scrapbooking stuff. Click on the
    item you want in your scrapbook and drag and drop it into Scrapbook MAX!.
    You will be asked what you want to import the image as (photo, embellishment, etc.). After you click ok, the item will be on your scrapbook page." advised from your forum, and still not successful. I am an amateour, and have four grandkids I'd like to scrapbook their albums, and want it to get done soon since I have so much illnesses, and can't do much scrapbook a long time at a time on a computer. If anyone out there have any tips, suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. Sorry it was too long, but I needed to expain MOST of my problems why I can't do any pretty things you folks posted here.