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  • Hello from NC

    Hello fellow scrappers. I am relatively new to digital scrapping but I have scrapped traditionally for some time. I am on my trial version and wanted to know if this is everything I need to start scarpping or do I still need some software? And yes I am blonde or well I was born blonde 52 years ago. I look forward to conversing with everyone. My husband had a stroke in Sept and is now bedfast so I use my laptop in the bedroom to be next to him. He can't sleep most nights so I scrap to calm my nerves. Also if anyone has any ideas on Firefighter scrapping please let me know. He was a full time firefighter before the stroke and he enjoys seeing my finished pieces. Thanks to all of you for being there. Happy Scrappin'

    Deb Craig:

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    Hi Deb!

    Welcome to the forums! I know you'll have fun checking out all the features of Scrapbook MAX! in the trial version. In order to publish albums of your own (without "trial version" written across your pages), you will need to purchase the full version - but once you have that, it's the only software you need to make really special digital scrapbooks! I've been having so much fun with Scrapbook MAX! - it really comes with everything you need to make any kind of album you want: elegant, fun, cutesy, classic, whatever...

    As for Firefighter themes - that's a great suggestion! People are always making creative LOs and sharing them in the "sharing corner", so be sure to check it out. I haven't seen a firefighter theme yet, but now that you've planted the idea in our heads, it's probably only a matter of time before someone creates something you'd enjoy. Or, who knows - maybe you'll come up with the very first Scrapbook MAX! firefighter theme!

    I'm glad to hear that scrapping has been an enjoyable and soothing pastime for you. I can understand - it's not only fun, but it's a really special way to create a story of the past and give our memories a place to shine. Tapping into the creative side of ourselves is therapeutic, relieves stress and is good for the soul.

    Keep on scrapping, and enjoy Scrapbook MAX!



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      Hi Deb

      Welcome to Scrapbook Max - it's a highly addictive hobby to get into.

      I had a stroke on Dec 25th 2005 so am still on sick leave from work and scrapping to pass the time. Sending you lots of best wishes for your husband - I only had a mild stroke at the age of 38 so know I am so lucky compared to other strokees but it was still a great shock.

      Looking forward to 'getting to know' you more.

      Take care

      Linda (in the UK)


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        Welcome Deb from NC!
        We are very glad to have you here! I agree with you and with 'cinnamon' that scrapping is a soothing and relaxing pastime. We so rarely get a chance to be so creative in our daily lives or in our jobs. And there's just something 'therapeutic' about the creative process.

        I have a picture in my mind of you scrapping in bed with Scrapbook MAX, with your husband providing feedback and funny comments as you go I bet he would love a firefighter album....hey I would love to see the final product! They make firefighter calendars, so I can imagine how much we'd like to see firefighter scrapbook pages on this forum!!

        Anyway, happy scrapping, and best wishes to you and your husband!


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          A very WARM welcome to you DEB!
          I think it's unanamous that scrapping is theraputic and let's face it the warm fuzzies that come from the praise for a finished product has never hurt anyones ego!!!
          I'm sure you will find a great deal of info and freebies to help you get started in this (only slightly different) method of scrapping, I know I have!! Not only that but the support here is the best!
          Again, Deb a very warm welcome, we are all eager to see your finished projects!



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            Hi Deb. Welcome to the forums! Please let me know if you ever need any help creating some custom embellishments for your Firefighter scraps, I'll be happy to assist.

            As far as the creative thing goes, using your creativity is healthy. Both for your mind and your spirit. To me there's no question at all that Scrapbook MAX! is therapeutic just like traditional art/crafts, especially for those who have a lot on their minds. It's a great escape. And, as one user pointed out, since there's no set up or clean up, it's something you can do anytime, even on a quick coffee break.
            Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .


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              Hi Deb,
              I just did some web surfing and here are two sites you might want to check out for some photos:
              The last one has some really great historical photos of equipment. You will of course need to get permission to use the pics. Somehow I don't think that will be a problem!! Have fun with these. If you need more or different photos, go to, click on images and then type in firefighting, fires, or any other subject you want, you'll find a lot of interesting stuff that way.
              Hope this helps!