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difference between KITS, TEMPLATES, etc

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  • difference between KITS, TEMPLATES, etc

    I'd say there's a clear, simple explaination but I can't find it. Is there a tutorial or descriptive overview of the different digi-items for sale? I'm not sure what I want to buy - kits, templates, pages of paper...
    A little help, please.
    Thank you!

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    Hi NonnieHontas
    Think of kits as all the raw material - all the loose bits and pieces (paper, embellishments, shapes etc) that are used to make up a layout from scratch (or add finishing or personalised touches to a template).
    Templates are ready made layouts (pages). With these you simply double click on the areas where the pic should go then select the pic you would like to include. Nice and easy. The designers have done all the hard work to save you time You can still shift around the individual elements (ribbons, bows, butterflies or whatever was used on the layout) to make the layout just the way you like it.
    Quick Pages or QP's are similar to templates in that they are also ready made layouts but you can't shift around the individual elements ... You have to use it as it is. You can add a pic in the space allowed or add things on top of it though.
    Hope this helps!!


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      Hope daydreamer helped. Welcome to the forum.


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        Yes Julie, that helps A LOT. :-) Thank you.
        What I understand you to say is kits & templates are pretty much made up of the same raw materials - the kits being more raw than the drop-pix-in-and-go pre-designed page layouts of the templates. And that the templates strong-point...they are ready to go once you place your photos in them. Right?
        But nowt that leads me to another question...

        Okay, so if I go with the templates, can I basically build additional pages from the available 'loose bits & pieces' you mentioned the kits are made of? Or are the items of the templates 'non transferable' to other pages, layouts, etc???

        I'm not sure how clear my questions are since I don't know exactly what I'm talking about. Digi-lingo isn't my 1st language. ;-)

        Thanks again.


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          If you go with the templates you can copy and paste from them to build more pages.