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  • Newbie seeking advice

    I just downloaded the trial version. I can not seem to open a new picture in this program. When I get to my folders it freezes and the programs shuts down, OR it will load a list of my folders, then they disappear before I can click on them. I really want to use the program, and buy it, but I don't know if this glitch is in the trial version? Is there some kind of tech support for this program once I buy it?

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    Kahhrma, the tech guys aren't usually here on weekends but I am sure someone will help you. I've never had this happen so I don't know what to do- maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling ScrapbookMax

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      I hope someone can help me figure this out. I have so many ideas and I really want to try out the program but I can't seem to access my files to get pictures into the program. It keeps shutting down or the folders will not open even if I click them. Thanks for your post. I will keep checking back and hope someone gets to me soon!


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        Hi Kahhrma.,

        I suggest that you try uninstalling and then reinstalling the program. Perhaps it didn't install properly the first time.

        Also, what steps are you taking to add your photos, and where are your photos located on your computer?

        With more information, we can try to better help you out.



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          Uninstalled/re installed still not working

          I uninstalled Scrapbook max. Then reinstalled the trial version 2.0. When I open the program I click 'create new" then a blank box comes up. Then I click on the face, to import a new image. I click on 'my pictures' folders appear in the right box. I wait for a few, but when I try to open a folder or scroll down to find the folder I need/want, the program freezes and shuts down. I am unable to access my pictures to work with. I am so frustrated! I did manage to get a few pics in if I moved them into the top folder. However it was simply luck that I got into that folder and I can only access the top folder, and only 1 out of maybe 10 tries. I LOVE the program once I get an image to work with loaded. Its just impossible to get the images into the program I need/want.
          I want to buy the program, but I don't want to spend the 40.00 if it isn't going to work. I would like to find out what the issue is before I buy.

          Any and all suggestions appreciated and welcomed.


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            Hi, Welcome to our Community!. It is great to have you with us. I am sure you will get this issue worked out. There must be some comflict with your computer. The Tech folks will help you get it sorted out. I'm sure you will love this program as much as so many of us do. IT is great and easy to use.

            Another thing to try is drop and drag. Minimize max so it smaller and open up your photo folder minimized right beside it. With both side by side you can click on your phot in your folder and drag it over to Max. When you let go of it MAx wuill open a pop up box and ask you what it is, Photo, Embie, Paper SCrap, Background. Select the correct option and click Okay. I know you need to figure out the other issue, but this might allow you to use the program in the meantime.

            Good luck!
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              You may need to state here what your computer size is (specifications). Is it a old computer or more recent?
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