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  • Hello and I need help

    Hello, my name here is Dixie and I do love this site. I have a bit of a problem that I can't seem to get resolved. I made a purchase several days ago but when I did I accidentally spell my email address incorrectly. I didn't realize this until I was redirected to pay pay for my payment. Naturally there I had to enter the correct email address to proceed with payment. I did, completed my payment and came back here to pick up my items. But I couldn't log in anywhere because I had purchased as a guest and didn't have an account setup. There was no trace here of my order. I used the information at the bottom of the home page and sent an email providing them with the paypay confirmation and everything I had available to me. But you say that you can't find my order. I have paid for my items and would like to be able to get them downloaded. If you will email me I can give you all the information I have so you can let me have access to the things I have paid for.

    Hope to here from someone soon. I have been waiting a week to get this matter resolved and nothing yet has been done to help me. Posting here was the last thing I knew to do.

    my email adress is:
    [email protected]



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    I hope gracie or karen will see this soon, they will head you in the right direction. Once you get all resolved you will love this software.



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      You should be able to access you downloads directly from this site. Click on the Kits and Templates Tab.

      Click on Order Status Tab.

      It should have your Order listed there and you can download from there.

      Good luck.

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