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Saludos Desde Argentina!

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  • Saludos Desde Argentina!

    Hello everybody. I'm from Buenos Aires, and I just discovered scrapbooking thanks to this beautiful program you've made. I was looking for a different, more creative way to tell a girl "I love You"... and then... I knew Scrapbooking for the first time in my life, and, what can I say... I will love some more people from now on, hehe! .
    Please excuse my poor English, as I speak Spanish "by default". I feel very comfortable here.
    Edu, el Argentin

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    Welcome to the forums! I agree with you - Scrapbook MAX! has many, many uses!

    I'm sure you'll have fun making more and more scrapbooks, no matter what theme you choose to use!

    Your English, by the way, is beautiful - I only wish that I knew how to speak Spanish!

    Drop by anytime, and feel free to share your work in the gallery or the sharing zone - a great place for inspiration!

    "Buenos dias!"


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      no problem, your english is fine !
      welcome and don't be shy about chatting here, even if you're not sure of how to write something, we'll understand ! My first language is french, so my english isn't perfect either !! looking forward to see some Argentina pictures in the gallery section !!


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        WELCOME to the Scrapbook MAX! community - it really does feel that way to me! Let us know how it goes with the girl! In the meantime, post some of your albums and other creations. We love to share here.

        And I, too, agree that your English is wonderful!

        And I, too, agree that there are so many uses for this product! I was recently asked to make up a "memory" page for an event program. A friend in our little "community" had passed away, and we wanted to remember him. I used this scrapbooking program to combine pictures and some memories of him. I think his family was really touched.

        I also used Scrapbook MAX! to make collage pages for that program - I was able to put together a whole bunch of pictures from our last year's event.

        And now you've told us about another great use!! Thank you, and hope to hear from you a lot around here!



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          Thank You All!

          What a nice surprise I had when I saw your nice messages! I wish to send a big THANK YOU for you all!
          And, Karin, I want to thank you for your gesture writing some words in spanish for me! And of course, If I can help you with some spanish translation, count on me!
          And what about Jessica... she speaks french! And English very well, too!
          I'm happy with this... English, French, Spanish...we all talk different languages, but we have the same "slang": scrapbooking! Isn't that great?
          Marnie, I will post some scrapbook if you want to see one written in spanish, and I'm a little shy about posting the scrapbook I sent to that girl (my first work), but let me tell you this: the results were fantastic! Well, I'm leaving... want to make my second "official" scrapbook right now (01:40 AM)

          Edu, el Argentin


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            Hola, Chico!!!!

            I just joined recently. I live in North Hollywood, Ca., but I'm from Cuba. So, Spanish is my native tongue. Nice to see people from all over here. It really is wonderful.

            Have a great weekend, everyone.


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