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    My name is Mariette, I am from South Africa! I bought this software last week and already made my first album over the weekend! Love this software!
    I have a question and will really appreciate if someone can answer. I went through the user's guide, but no luck.
    I want to know how to open a background when I've already selected a background. In the Paper-shapes kit, the creator says to use the shapes, open a background...

    Please help!

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    Mariette - One way to open a background is to add a blank page, then right click on it and click on Settings this takes you to another window here you check Background image then click on Select this will take you to the Background folders and you choose that which you want. Also here you can browse to your computer and go to a folder you have that contains other papers that you may have saved. Hope this helps. Ps You can also do this on a page you are working on if you want to change the background just right click on the back ground.
    If you want to add papers to use as shapes click on the paper in the top task bar, you can also browse button to go to the background folder which is found at MyDocuments/ScrapbookMax/ Gallery /Images/Background

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      Hi, and welcome to our Community. I find the quickest and easiest way to use Max is drop and drag. Minimize Max and scoot it over to the right or left of your screen. Now open a new window. Depending what you want to work with, go to My Documents/ScrapbookMax 2.0/Images/Gallery/Backgrounds/ This is where all of the Background papers are stored. Open the folder for the kit you wish to work with. Once you have identified the background paper you want to use, left click on it and drag it over to Max. When you let go a pop up box will open asking you if you want to add it as a Photo, Embellishment, Paper Scrap, Background, or Tiled Background.

      Now, if you have already chosen a background, you might want to add this as a paper scrap. Now double click on it and it will open a pop up where you can select shapes, shadows, and change colors by using the Advanced tab. I open a folder for my papers and another one for my embies and another one for my backgrounds if the kit I'm working with has all 3. It is easy to window back and forth to add whatever paper or embie I want to use. You can use paper scraps as backgrounds just as you can use backgrounds as paper scraps. The only difference is a background is locked down and you can't do anything with it except alter the color and density. Paper scraps can be sized, shaped, moved, etc. You can use a photo as a background or paper scrap if you want. It is really flexible. Play with Shadows, they add dimension to your embies. Just be sure if you change the angle or color of a shadow on an embie always remember to deselct the Global button first. If you don't it will apply the new color and angle to everything on your page. Play around with changing colors as well.

      So much flexibilty, so much fun!

      Hope this helps.

      Again, welcome.

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