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  • Newbie in need of help

    I switched from the trial version to the full version and now I can no longer open the pages I created with the trial version. I wanted to tweek them before sending them to be printed but now I get an error every time i try. I am worried that all my work will be lost now. PLease help me recover my hard work.

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    This sounds like a job for a tech. Sorry but Scrapbook Max is only open M-F. Maybe someone will see this soon and try to help.


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      I hope someone can help me. I really don't want to have to try and recreate my pages.


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        i've placed this in a thread in scrapbook discussion for teccie / admin to see xxx

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          You might just need to import your previous pages. When you load Max it doesn't automatically import previous pages, I don't think.

          Had you exported or saved them as images at all, or just saved them as projects within Max? The techs will need additonal info anyway, so you can get a jump start.

          If you saved or exported them, go the the folder you saved them in andgrab them and ut then under My Documents\Scrapbook Max 2.0\Gallery\Images\Porjects folder. See if that works.

          If you did not save them, they should still be under that same folder and perhaps all you need to do is manually go locate them using the Browse button or go to that folder and try clicking on them.

          Good luck. Hope all is well and you have them in no time.
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            I had saved them and then tried to send them out to be printed but the kind lady company scrapbook max links to for printing had told me that the trial version puts a huge black bar on the bottom of them so we canceled the order and I bought the full program version of scrapbook max but now I can't get it to open my pages so I can send them for printing again. So upset because I don't even remember all that was on the pages I sent to redo them. That is why I want to recover my original file so badly.
            Please help a newbie out and retrieve my lost pages.


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              The frustrating part is I can see them listed under my scrapbook max projects- but they will not open so I can edit them or veiw them.


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                My pages are oput there but they are showing as .ptn files...which seems to only be the thumbnails. How do I get them back to .jpg for ordering prints? Someone speak up please.


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                  I hope tech can help you. When you saved them a jpeg to printed did you delete the albums from scrapbook max? When I did the trial version and decided to purchase the full version I deleted the trial and then installed the full version. All of my projected were still there because I did not touch anything that was saved in the my documents folders. I hope this can be figured out for you.


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                    I did not delte anything that I am aware of but I think the original trial version of the program went to my trash can. That is wehre I ound my project files but like I said before it sure seems like they are only the thumbnails.


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                      My files are PTN formats now which gives a thumbnail version of my page that no program seems to recognize, open or convert back to the jpg format. Hope this clears it up so I can get help soon.