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Ok-you may have to ignore this post...

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  • Ok-you may have to ignore this post...

    I'm trying to attach one of my first pages I've done...

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    Yep...ok...I didn't think I was that computer ignorant...but there are times.
    How do I post one of my pages? I guess I'm not sure about the URL for my image...


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      Have you saved your scrapbook page to your computer somewhere....that is first thing. When you are on scrapbookmax, you will then go to member galleries, and there will be an upload button a little ways down the page in green on the right hand side. click there. from there it will ask you where you want to upload to - either member gallery or design or whatever, and then click on browse underneath to upload your layout from your computer wherever you stored it. You can than add a description.
      If you have already gotten that far, you then click on your picture in your gallery. the second line under your picture will be your URL . Copy it and paste it here.....
      Good luck. Let me know if you need more details.
      Ciao for now
      Tin Tin
      Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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        when you've published your page (best to set it to web size) then copy the linked image code and paste that into your post

        image below to show you xxxx


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          Thanks guys!!