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Hello everyone! Newbie with questions!

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  • Hello everyone! Newbie with questions!

    I have the trial version with saved templates and pages. Do I need to transfer these to the full version when purchased? If so, how?

    I read something about an upgrade. when I purchase the full version, will it automatically come, or do I still need to follow the instructions to get upgrade?

    After using the trial version, I found the tutorial on how to use templates. I am trying to find something on make pages from scratch using the kits. Can someone direct me?

    I am sure more questions will come up as I get to know the program. Can't wait to learn as much as I can!

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    I found the video tutorials! YEAH! I would still appreciate some assistance with other questions.


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      Welcome Catspaw! I'm relatively new here myself, but I've been using the software for a couple of years now. I don't know about the upgrade, but I would think it should install the latest version.

      As for making pages, it's super easy! You can use the buttons in the toolbar (add photo, embellishment, etc) to add items one by one. It's easy, but time consuming because you have to search through the stuff every time. One of the other ladies told me to keep your scrapbook max file open... Documents --> ScrapbookMax!2. There you will see three folders labelled Gallery, Projects, and Template. They are pretty self-explanatory, but within each folder the individual kits are stored into separate folders. You'll use Gallery most often. The papers and embellishments are there. Keep scrapbookmax open but not on full screen, and place your SBM file beside it. Open the file you want and then you can drag and drop the items into scrapbooxmax. You can move many items at once if you like. The program will ask if you want each item to be a background, paper scrap, etc. Super super easy! I sure hope this makes sense. lol

      I highly recommend participating in the challenges. You'll learn so much more than if you try to figure it all out for yourself. And you'll get a lot of inspiration by seeing what others do. Not to mention you get great freebies! Good luck!


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        I hope you have it all figured out now. As far as loading the full version uninstall the trial and then install the full version. As long as you do not delete any of the pages you have made it should all attach itself to the full version. Hope it all goes smoothly. Just as in the discussion area if you have any more question.

        Welcome and Happy Scrapping.


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          Thanks for the info! I had read somewhere about uninstalling the trial version, then dowloading the full version. I guess my concern was that I would lose Scrapbook Max templates I had downloaded from another source (Storytellers). I have saved all my templates, and saved pages to an external hard drive. However, when I originaly downloaded the templates, they automatically saved in my Scrapbook Max Trial version. If I uninstall the trial version, does that mean I will need to re-import them into the full version?