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  • Hello to All!

    I am an avid card maker from Sarasota, FL. I was soooo excited to discover Scrapbook Max, and was looking forward to trying out the software during the 30-day trial. But I quickly became very, very disappointed when I discovered this software does not work with Macs! Is that correct, or did I miss an option button somewhere? jlpirkl

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    Hi there. I think this is a technical question for the Tech team, but I know there have been other posts about using it with Mac. I believe there is some level of incompatabilty. Until Tech Support sees your post, you can browse thru the oler posts and see if you can stumble across it. I'll look for it also and let you know if I find what it said about Mac.

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      I believe that you need a Windows shell program or something I don't think it is compatible wit the Mac OS as yet .
      The techs aren't here on weekends, someone should get back to you on Monday.

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        Hi there!

        Here are our system requirements with a note about how to use on a Mac:

        Scrapbook MAX! Software System Requirements

        Scrapbook MAX! Software Compatible with Windows 7

        * Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP operating system
        * 512 MB RAM memory
        * 5 GB free hard drive space
        * Mouse

        Please note that while Scrapbook MAX! software is designed for use on Windows computers, it also works great on Apple Mac computers if you use a Windows emulation product like Parallels or VMware!