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    Hello all you PROS., I wish I have talent like you. I am a 59 year old grandma of 4, so I have a lot of pictures to scrapbook. Still have a lot to learn, but haven't being able to change the size from square to like 8x10 yet. Anyway, I am slowing down a bit to make some custom crafted jewelry to sell. So, now I have to make a lot of jewelry so I can have them all posted, then back to scrap-booking again. Can't wait to learn a lot of tips and tricks from you ladies and gentlemen out there.

    Happy scrap-booking. Josephine

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    welcome to the forum. You can change the page size in the page settings.


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      Welcome Josephine! Sounds like you're a crafty type so I'm sure you'll pick this up with no difficulty at all. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

      Like Julie said, you can change paper size in the settings. Just right click on your paper square and then click on settings. The box opens up on the background tab, but there's a size tab right next to it. That's where you can change the size of the page. If you always want 8x10 as your default paper size then go to Edit --> Preferences --> Blank Project Defaults and there you can set your paper size for that scrapbook. Good luck!