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A big HI from Cheshire

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  • A big HI from Cheshire

    Hi I'm new to scrapbook Max - Brilliant software I've been doin' digi-scrappin' using powerpoint and publisher for the past 8-10 years until I saw this software and I am soooooo impressed I'm tellin' everyone.

    I'm a scrapper (hence an untidy house) , hate housework (hence an untidy house), have 2 kids (hence an untidy house) and a husband (hence constant nagging from hubby to tidy house ). I originate from Yorkshire and am residing in Cheshire. I have few faults ('cos I'm a woman), high phone bills ('cos I'm a woman) and have never got used to texting or e-mailing in short form so as per usual I've gone on and on and bored everyone to tears

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    You sound like a lot of fun! Welcome to our forum.



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      Welcome as well. We all hate that word housework. But just think I will be leaving nursing in a year and I can sit back and enjoy scrapbooking and housework(haha) . Housework will always be their but our lives will not. So take some time to smell the roses and enjoy.
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        Welcome from Bedfordshire! You sound like me!
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