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    Hi guys

    I'm new here, a very good designer and friend here, introduced me to scrapbook max and I am proud to say I devote many hours to trying to come up with some of my own personalized scrap pages.

    I am thoroughly enjoying digital scrapbooking, but I have sooo much to learn. personally I think I am doing a fantastic job of it lol, but I am sure you pros will look at my pages and think to yourselves she has a lot to learn

    Anyway am I allowed to put up a few of my pages here...These pages have bits and pieces from everywhere, is that ok?

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    Hello Wench,

    Welcome to the Scrapbookmax Family!! We all learn from each other , as far as I know your pages are welcome.
    Join in on some challenges, they are fun, and you will Learn lots there. Can't wait to see your Layouts.

    See you around


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      some of my pages

      here are a couple of pages I worked on over the last few days, hope you like them!
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        Great pages and welcome to the forum.


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          Welcome! Very pretty layouts!


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            Nice layouts!

            Please feel free to post them in the gallery.

            KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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              Awesome layout! Welcome to the community.

              My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


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                Originally posted by wench View Post
                here are a couple of pages I worked on over the last few days, hope you like them!
                Truly a great job!!! and I am so happy to see you here in the forum "wench"
                It feels kinda strange actually.... because everyone else here at SBMax is so far away geographically... but the WENCH here is a good friend and lives on a neigbouring farm about 10kms away (Thats nothing in country miles) and we see each other 2 or 3 times a week in person welcome welcome welcome and I cant wait to see more of your layouts...
                But you can post them in the GALLERY .. that way all can see them.... we also have a look at my layout thread if you want to post in there.
                The way to post a full size picture anywhere else -like the look at my layout- is to upload to the gallery first
                THEN copy the CODE 2nd from the top and paste that code in your post..... then the image will appear full size.
                Have fun my friend ,


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                  Thanks for everyone's very nice replies, it gives me more confidence to try out some more, when I have I will put a few in the gallery.

                  Hi Moonbeam, will see you tonight lol


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                    Yep! sure will.. and hey i forgot to tell you... always - Always check out the favourite sites for Scrapbook maxer's thread .. there arealways lots of freebies there .. new freebies all the time


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                      Be Happy