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    My name is Lisa and I am very new to Scrapbook max, I came across it by searching for downloadable backing papers, I ordered these without reading the read before buying bit but anyway this could be a good thing for my business anyway so glad I have come across it.
    So I have downloaded the trial version but can not find where the backgrounds which is the main reason I ordered them. I can find all the embellishments, Just not the backgrounds.

    Also how can I download the backing papers on to my pc without using the Scrapbook max application.

    Thank you in advance for any help given



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    Hi Lisa,
    just double click on the blank white background area of any page and it will take you to all the Background papers. you will see the different kits... just open each one to see /access the BG papers in it.slect and import.
    Not sure what BG papers you mean about downloading???


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      Hi Lisa. All of the Elemenst download into Folders. Look under C:\Program Files\SCrappbook Max\Gallery\Images\Backgrounds. You should find them here.

      Also look under C:\My Documents\ScrapbookMax\Gallery\Images\Backgrounds. It downloads everything you download as far as Booster Kits, etc here. The ones that come with the program and extension packs normally load to the Program Files folder. I'm guessing with the Trial version that's probably where they will be.

      Good luck.

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